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Work experience

Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Dr Kirksey is CEO of The Institute for Optimal Health in Ardmore Pennsylvania. He is Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Medical Director of The Penn Wound Care Center




Group Presentation. Individual proactive health and preventative Corporate health strategies
Dr Kirksey is comfortable presenting to groups of all sizes. Seminar Objectives:   For the individual: Increased personal responsibility for healthcare costs stimulate personal accountability Long-term financial implication for retirement planning Improved quality of personal relationships Improved work productivity and professional success   For the organization: Decreased absenteeism Improved project productivity Improved employee retention Proliferation of culture of health Decreased organizational costs and healthcare overhead          



Dr Kirksey is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon with a special interest in individual preventative healthcare measures and corporate wellness. He offers a unique program incorporating cutting edge proactive and preventative personal healthcare strategies that affect the corporate bottom line. The personal health seminars are responsible for improving overall corporate health by their impact on the employee at large and organization restulting in diminishing healthcare expenditures.


To perform group presentations with the objective of improving personal health and motivation in a way that impacts the corporate health cost expenditures