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Work experience

Mar 2011Oct 2014

Urban Planner

Kuo-hsiung Construction Co., Ltd.

As a planner to be in charge of the cases about urban renew and land readjustment :

2011/3 - 2012/2

Working place : Taichung city

Job description : Urban renew project management, Land development benefit assessing, analysis and bookbuilding.

2012/3 - 2013/1

Working place : Taipei city

Job description : Urban renew project management, Urban renew impact assesssment, Coordenating with landowners and the other stockholder, The land development of northland of Taiwan assessing.

2013/2 - 2014/10 

Working place : Chunghua county

Job description : Land readjustment project management, The case of land readjustment and Urbanplanning of midland of Taiwan assessing and collecting, Creating the map and report of assessing about land readjustment and land development, Coordenating with landowners and the other stockholder.

Apr 2000Dec 2000


Yuan-yi environment planning Consulting Co.,LTD

The first job what I became the freshman of the society, the cases I handled includ:

1. The public and privately tranditional market of Taichung city and old Taichung county investigating and analyzing.

2. The fifth green parkway underground parking lot of Hsinchu city BOT feasibility assessment.

3. The cycle path of Pinlin dist. NewTaipei city designing and planning.


Sep 2006Feb 2009

Department of Urban Planning

Feng Chia University