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Lee Bishop

Looking for a challenge and new job role I am a highly motivated ,responsible hard working, individual .I have gained most of my skills through experience and learning myself . I have proven ability to meet deadlines and effectively .I have an excellent track record of achieving great results . I am seeking a position in maintenance work or driving to an organization where i can bring immediate value and strengths whilst developing my current skills further. My jobs have involved Time keeping Team work

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Cars of yeovil


clean inside and outside of motor vehicles.
Alot of is work is involved:
· Use high pressure hoses to clean vehicles
· Window cleaning, wheels, door handles and mirrors
· Vacuum and clean upholstery and carpets
· Waxing and polishing surfaces
· Application of gels and other finishes to bumpers and trim

Aug 2004Aug 2012

be honest and trustworthy be respectful, possess cultural awareness and
be flexible
demonstrate sound work ethics
deal with the public in a positive,
courteous and respectful manner knowledge of safe operation of
basic hand and power tools
basic knowledge of water, sewer
and garbage truck and equipment
knowledge of sewage pump out
knowledge of garbage collection
and disposal procedures knowledge of equipment
cleaning standards and
knowledge of workplace safety
and safe lifting and handling

Aug 1997Mar 2004


Abbey hill transports
had knowledge and understanding of safe working procedures and personal protection equipment. That need to be gained specific knowledge of a wide range of welding equipment and processes as well as a good working knowledge of metallurgy.I am familiar with electricity and electrical processes.Welders may be engaged in using thermal cutting processes and should be able to identify and follow the correct preparation for joining as applied to the type, thickness and intended use of the joint.I used grinding and cutting equipment to prepare and finish welded joints. Modern methods of joining, as well as above, include mechanized processes such as submerged arc, plasma arc, stud welding and laser welding


Aug 19971998

Bucklers Mead 

Yeovil College