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I, Elijah Leavell consider myself a great woker. I've been in the Landscaping Company for the last few years of my life. I'm really skilled in Construction. I didn't finish high school. I got me a child so I was forced to quit school and get a job. I'm quite the fast learner. If I don't know something, you show me one time and most likely I'll have it down. So if you ever decide to hire me. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Work experience

Jan 2008Apr 2009


Otis Cummings Landscaping Company

In this job my stepfather got me. I had to cut lawns and shopping centers. Lay pine straw downs around the bushes and little trees the shopping centers had. Also had to edge the outline of the lawns. This is where I was tought how to do landscaping.

Feb 2008Apr 2009

Drywaller, painter, and floor layer

Mr. Holt Repair Service

This job was made by The Landlord Of the Year Mr. Holt. Who needed some extra help on one of his houses . I was hired to work for him just until the house was finished. I put up drywall, painted walls and doors. Also I laid a couple of floors. The rest has to do with landscaping. I also had to trim and cut hedges and trees.


Aug 2004Mar 2007

Lamar County High School

Even though I didn't finish. Once everything gets right for me. I'll be heading back to get that Diploma.