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The Introduction

A Filipino-American raised in Phnom Penh, a serially creative slave to excellence, and a fighter of lethargy. Leanna is currently based in Phnom Penh, and is involved in a wide variety of projects. 

The Proffesional History

Oct 2015Present

English Writing Department Manager

RS Cambodia

Responsible for research and english language journalism for a reputation management firm specialising in the Middle East and Africa. RS Cambodia is Siem-Reap based French communication agency specialised in E-reputation, and Leanna works remotely and independently from Phnom Penh. Leanna writes several articles per month, published mainly on under an avatar. 

Nov 2015Present

Operations Manager

Phnomenon Digital Creativity Consultants

Oversees, designs, and controls the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production high-quality digital reputation management consortium of creative professionals. Phnomenon is a new start-up and requires working with a small team to serve clients based in Phnom Penh. 

Feb 2015Jun 2015

Media Director & Project Manager


Working directly under the co-founder to create a consistent brand and improve client relations for the agricultural social enterprise. Responsible for brainstorming, proposing, and implementing projects to meet wider goals of improved company relations and presence in emerging marketplaces. Main responsibilities included developing a rural distribution strategy, re- branding to improve client relations, and managing the media department of Empag. 


Marketing & Merchandising Manager

Discovery Farms

Working independently to open a new distribution channel for Cambodia's first organic farm initiative. Main responsibilities were to create a standardised system of merchandising for the entire brand, and ensure clear and standardised branding across multiple platforms and distribution channels. Designing a brand and increasing profit capacities were key responsibilities, as well as developing pricing schemes, devising logistical systems, and negotiating responsibilities between various partners. Responsible for all copywriting, design, and social media strategy.



Hagar Afghanistan

In Afghanistan working as an analyst directly under the CEO and the Social Enterprise Director with a project concerning social enterprises and market analysis. Responsible for ensuring all meetings are held and documented through executive notes punctually disseminated, and developing and maintaining analytical reports of various existing social enterprises in Kabul, their scope, target groups, resources, activities, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Participated in meetings with various departments, NGOs, and social enterprises, to coordinate meetings and develop high-quality reports for the CEO and CFO.

The Diplomas


Global Studies BA

The New School of Public Engagement

A curriculum designed for undergraduates to study and intern at the intersections of social sciences, human rights, and international law.

Winner of Dean's List Award, Presidential Scholar's Award, New School University Scholars Award, and Lang Public Engagement Scholars Award consecutively through every year attended. 


International Baccalaureate Diploma 

International School of Phnom Penh

Graduated in top 10% of IB Students locally and internationally.

Winner of ISPP Legend Award and Award of Excellence and Achievement in Higher Economics, Higher English, and Higher Biology.

The Repretoire of Leanna Payne

As a serial creative, Leanna is constantly exploring new projects and means of experience. Here is a sampling of the projects and roles Leanna has played in the last few months:

          • HR/Leadership Training - First Finance PLC
          • Commercial Model -Ganzberg 
          • Graphic Designer - ICA, Discovery Farms
          • Merchandising Specialist - ARTillery
          • Copywriting - Farm to Table, Lost & Found
          • Sales Executive - MILK Magazine
          • Logo Design - CRUNCH
          • Branding Specialist - Dusk till Dawn
          • Researcher - Blue Orchid

The Portfolio