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Just as my skill set is quite diverse, my professional life also extends into several interests.  I am a  teacher who teaches math and ELA content areas; middle school, high school, and college students; standard, advanced, and AP classes.  I am a trainer of teachers in National Math & Science Initiative (NMSI) Laying the Foundations and A+ College Ready curriculum and in instructional strategies for teachers of all subjects and grade levels.  I am an instructional designer who creates job aids, curricula, lessons, and instructional strategies.  But, above all, I believe that my passion for learning drives me to continually seek innovative ways to spark a desire in others for learning - no matter their age or content.    



Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Secondary Math/Language Arts Teacher

Monroe County Board of Education, Excel High School

Teaches English Language Arts (ELA) classes to middle school students of varied ability ranges, including special education students with behavioral disorders, autism, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and those classified as gifted.  Courses integrate instructional strategies with content of informational texts, novels, plays, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction works to teach literary elements, informational elements, and comprehension, analytical, and textual skills which correspond to the Alabama Course of Study - College & Career Ready Standards (CCRS). 

Teaches Pre-AP Advanced Pre-Algebra and Pre-Algebra to middle school students, including special education students and those classified as gifted.  Courses integrate instructional strategies with instructional content using web-based resources and software to teach foundational skills of Algebra, create a framework of mathematical vocabulary, and remediate basic foundational skills of mathematics which correspond to the CCRS. 

Teaches AP Statistics to high school seniors.  Course integrates technology-based instructional strategies with AP course design.  Holds study sessions with students to prepare for the AP Statistics exam.

Teaching duties include curriculum design, instructional planning and implementation, development and implementation of instructional strategies, research on learning styles and instructional strategies, classroom management design and implementation of behavioral expectations, development of technological classroom instructional and communication tools, student project development, assessment design, and evaluation of student progress. Collaborates with other faculty members on vertical and horizontal alignment of instructional content and strategies and curriculum alignment.  Conducts progress monitoring and data analysis of students using Classworks and Global Scholar.  Wrote and received grant request for technology in the classroom.

Served as Summer School Instructor at Excel High School using GradPoint as computer-based instruction paired with individual and small group tutoring; designed course sequencing for students using Gradpoint. 

Served as High Hopes Tutoring Lab coordinator and instructor in reading and math; High Hopes is a federally funded, after-school, free tutoring program for students.

Worked as a personal tutor after school for a Ukrainian, high school student recently adopted by a local family.


STATE:  Selected to collaborate with a group of ELA teachers from across the state to write the 7th grade ELA curriculum for A+ College Ready, incorporating and revising LTF lessons and creating new lessons to support the curriculum.  Designed instructional strategies to enhance lessons.  All lessons support CCRS for Alabama.  Curriculum has been adopted by the State of Alabama and is posted on the A+ College Ready website for teachers and lead teachers (

COUNTY:  Completed Emints certification with other 300 hours of professional development in implementing technology with instructional strategies (2016-18).  Selected to district College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) Implementation Team, CCRS Language Arts COS team, CCRS Math COS team, Pacing Guide Committee Language Arts and Math, Response to Instruction (RTI), EXPLORE/PLAN, AdvancedEd, and Educate Alabama, Monroe County School System, Monroeville.  Selected to conduct workshops for Monroe County professional development in using Instructional Strategies and Project-Based Learning for Language Arts.  Selected to conduct SARIC workshop on Alabama Explorations Guide Mathematics Grades 6-8 and Technology in the Classroom.

COMMUNITY:  Selected to present Technology Workshop on Instructional Strategies in the Classroom for Delta Kappa Gamma District Meeting (2012).  Member of Delta Kappa Gamma.

SCHOOL:  Selected to RTI High School Math team, RTI High School Language Arts team, Pre-AP team (completed Phase Two Laying the Foundation training, August 2013).  Selected as presenter for “turn-around” training for CCRS Implementation (2012-2014).  Selected to middle school instructional strategies team.  Sponsor of high school Student Council and Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee.  Assists high school counselor with data analysis of middle school grades (6-8).


Attended Train the Trainer (Laying the Foundations, National Math and Science Initiative), AP Statistics (AP College Board), GradPoint, CCRS, AdvancedEd, ASPIRE/EXPLORE/PLAN, Global Scholar,  ARI Content Literacy, ARI Instructional Strategies, Laying the Foundation (Pre-AP), EHS Curriculum Data Analysis, Success Maker, RTI progress monitoring, and INow.


Selected for Emints team.  Completed Emints certification 2018.

Selected to attend Keystone Science School's Key Issues Institute, an international seminar, in Colorado, 2014.

Named Jacksonville State University Hall of Fame for Secondary Teachers, Monroe County School System, 2010.

Member of Delta Kappa Gamma (2009) and Kappa Delta Pi (2011).

Jun 2015Present

A+ College Ready and LTF trainer & consultant

National Math and Science ( & A+ College Ready  ( )

Selected to attend the Train the Trainer event and became nationally certified to conduct Laying the Foundation training events in the US in the ELA content area (grades 6 - 10) (2015).  Conducts LTF training events for ELA teachers for Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 certification.  Conducts LTF training with both traditional LTF curriculum and with the newly created and adopted grade-specific curriculum for the State of Alabama.  Have trained 7th Year 1 and Year 2 in Enterprise, Prattville, Robertsdale, Albertville, and Alabaster (2016),  Trussville, Wetumpka, and Hartselle (2017), and Gardendale, Hartselle (2018).  Presented Scaffolding for Fall Workshop for middle grade ELA teachers (2017-18).

Consults with A+ College Ready (ELA content area) to revise and write grade-leveled curriculum incorporating LTF lessons and Common Core standards (CCSS & CCRS) and to create instructional strategies and job aids to enhance curriculum and training.  Worked with English Content team to write the 7th grade ELA curriculum for Alabama A+CR (2014-15).  Worked with ELA Content Directors on writing 6th grade and revising 7th grade curriculum (2015-16).  Worked for ELA Content Directors to write trainer notes and conduct Train the Trainer One Day training for 7th grade ELA trainers (2016).  Collaborated with ELA Content Directors and other ELA trainer to design Fall Workshop presentation on scaffolding curriculum with instructional design elements (2017-18).  

Jun 2014August 2015

DREAM Program instructor, Critical Reading

University of South Alabama College of Medicine

Taught a Critical Reading course for college students desiring to be accepted into the University of South Alabama's College of Medicine.  The DREAM Program is a federally funded program.  Designed the course to incorporate classroom instruction and online modules to help students prepare for more advanced reading levels as encountered in assessments, such as the MCAT, and in graduate level course work.  The class is designed as a hybrid course.  Used the Pearson MyReadingLab to design a course with modules selected to facilitate the growth of student Lexile scores.

Jan 1996Jul 2008

Secondary Math/Language Arts teacher

Monroe Academy

Taught 7th grade Pre-Algebra, 8th grade Pre-Algebra, 8th grade Honors Algebra I, 10th - 11th grade Honors Algebra II, 8th - 10th grades Language Arts – Honors and Standard. Developed and implemented Course of Study aligned with ALEX and ACT standards. Duties included curriculum design, instructional planning and implementation, development and implementation of instructional strategies, research on learning styles and instructional strategies, classroom management design and implementation of behavioral expectations, development of technological classroom instructional and communication tools, student project development, assessment design, and evaluation of student progress. Collaborated with other faculty members on vertical and horizontal alignment of class content and instructional strategies. Communicated with parents about student progress. 

Taught and published student newspaper, Voice of the Vols. Used computer-based program for publishing (Quark). Worked in conjunction with the local newspaper, The Monroe Journal, for publication. Taught layout and page design, headline design, news, human interest, and sports copy, special interest pages, film photography and caption writing, collage creation. Newspaper won several local awards for photography.

Designed high school instructional schedule (7-12).


Jan 2013Present


University of South Alabama

Graduated May 2018.  Completed all course work during summer 2016.  Completed and defended dissertation, The Effects of  Using Interactive Geometry Software as Advance Organizers on Students'  Development of Conceptual Understanding and Satisfaction in Learning Middle School Mathematics.

Aug 2010Dec 2011

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

University of West Alabama
Aug 1992Dec 1994

Bachelor of Science

Auburn University at Montgomery
Aug 1989Jun 1990

Associate in Arts

Alabama Southern Community College


EDUCATIONAL GOALS:  Recently completed a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Development (IDD) at the University of South Alabama.  Have developed an instructional package on teaching slope to middle school students using the Dick and Carey model with the instruction accessible online via a WebQuest.  Have collaborated with a team of Ph.D. students in IDD to conduct a needs assessment of the IDD series of comprehensive exams.  Desire to increase knowledge and development of further projects.  Have recently conducted a program evaluation on an instructional strategies workshop using the mixed methods approach to data collection and have written a literature review of the connection among Prior Knowledge, Cognitive Load Theory and ID, particularly Van Merrienboer's 4C/ID model.   Desire to increase knowledge and development of further evaluation projects.  Am currently researching the use of student research of concepts as a method of creating and activating prior knowledge as a precursor to classroom instruction.

CAREER GOALS:  Interested in conducting needs assessments of programs.  Interested in leading instructional workshops/seminars, particularly in the areas of reading and math, which are both target areas of College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS).  Interested in designing instructional programs at various levels.  Interested in teaching future educators at a collegiate level.


WORK:  Interested in integrating more technology into the classroom.  Currently researching and implementing more student-led learning, problem-based learning, data-based instruction, evaluation of instructional practices and assessments, instructional strategies, and vertical alignment of common core standards.  Enjoy creating instructional links to technology to initiate discovery and discussion and to extend and supplement classroom instruction.  Use Google Classroom platform for all classes.

PERSONAL:  Am an avid reader.  Enjoy writing, particularly poetry and essay.  Interested in photography with an emphasis in wildlife.  Love to travel and experience new places.

FAMILY:  Husband is an inventor who battles Parkinson's Disease.  Daughter in law school, son in college and in the U.S. Army National Guard, and step-daughters who have graduated from college with degrees in nursing and education.