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Senior Software Engineer with 5 years of professional work experience in the IT field, devoted to software development and new technologies to produce high quality software. Throughout most of his career he has been working as a full-stack engineer focusing on both back-end and front-end development using technologies such as Java, Hibernate, Groovy and Grails, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery and has experimented with a lot more. Also, he is experienced in database management using PostgreSQL and pgAdmin technologies and have a good level of understanding using some others such as Oracle DB, MySQL and MongoDB.

Java and PHP were the starting technologies in his career, and later, focusing also on the front-end development (along with back-end) of systems such as CRMs and e-document exchange as well as vehicle asset management services within automotive domain using Node.js and AngularJS on top of JavaScript. In later projects he has been responsible for team leadership activities such as providing technical guidance and making technical decisions.

Described as a hard-working individual and tenacious problem solver with a great capacity for making abstractions, he can be a great player within a team due to his passion about helping others. That is why whenever possible he will be on networks for professional knowledge exchange such as Stack Overflow learning and helping other software developers who want to improve their skills.

Work experience


Senior Software Engineer

Musala Soft

- Development of front-end features using TypeScript/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Sass on top of Angular framework

- Work in a Scrum Product development team

- Create product designs in accordance with the long-term product strategy

- Maintenance of legacy code

- Participate in peer code reviews

- Debugging and error resolution including bug fixing

- Quality assurance activities (unitary, integration and regression tests)

- Participate in daily scrum meetings, planning, grooming, retrospective and knowledge sharing sessions with the Product Owner

- Participate in presentations of new features and ideas implemented in the product with the team and stakeholders

- Proceeding feature and bug fixing requests in ticketing system (Jira)

- Training of new team members

- Documenting findings and proposed solutions

- Work in distributed multi culture environment


Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader

ISA - Soluciones en Software

- Development of back-end code written in Java and Groovy following best practices and main OOP concepts and principles, using Grails framework
- Development of front-end code in JavaScript using AngularJS framework
- Implement project modules according to the project requirements
- Redesign project modules and components
- Redesign back-end services to meet client needs
- Maintenance of legacy code
- Deployment on testing environment
- Testing of created solutions for ensuring flawless work
- Proceeding feature request and bug fixing requests in ticketing system (Mantis)
- Creation and update of various wikis
- Debugging and error resolution including bug fixing
- Quality assurance activities (integration and regression tests)
- Leading and mentoring the team, providing technical guidance and making technical decisions
- Keep a tight communication with the system and application architect
- Preparing presentations for showing projects to new team member candidates
- Exploring new technologies that can be used to implement projects components
- Participation in joined calls for integration, regression and pre-release testing with teams located overseas


Software Engineer / Frontend Developer


- Implement project components according to its requirements
- Development of front-end code written in JavaScript using AngularJS framework
- Development of front-end interfaces using HTML and CSS on top of Bootstrap 3 framework
- Refactoring of code to adhere to best practices for developing AngularJS applications
- Maintenance of legacy code
- Debugging and error solution including bug fixing
- Proceeding feature request and bug fixing requests in ticketing system (JIRA)
- Exploring new technologies that can be used to implement project components


Sofware Engineer

University of Informatics Sciences

- Development of back-end code in Java following OOP concepts and principles
- Development of two APIs for an easy integration with an in-house developed Java report server, for client applications written in PHP or Java
- Designing sample reports (JRXML files) on JasperStudio
- Deploy applications on Apache Tomcat
- Maintenance of an existing code
- Debugging and error solution including bug fixing
- Finding new technologies to use to build new modules for existing solutions
- Preparing presentations for showing products on scientific events
- Tutoring of students who choose the degree of Computer Science Engineer
- Collaborations with the Department of Foreign Languages of the University of Computer Sciences to teach students technical English related to other subjects of the university career



BSc in Computer Software Engineering

University of Informatics Sciences (Havana, Cuba)

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In this career, the principles of software development process and their foundations are studied through software development methodologies such RUP, XP, etc. and many matters studied with this goal. The fundamental knowledge required to become a good programmer is gotten studying programming techniques and making use of languages such as Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and many others, making use of database management systems to persist information that many software applications require. It's also gotten the basic knowledge in telecommunication, using tools such as PacketTracer for simulating, designing, configuring, managing and administrating LANs.

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