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Work experience

May 2009Aug 2009

Data Handler

University of Plymouth

This role is a temporary contract with the Health and Social Work department of Plymouth University, they are currently moving from System One to ARC, which will cover each seperate region in a single database. My role is to amalgamate the data from each region and current database, into a single consolidated piece of information, to then create and infill the new files of information onto the ARC system, and to then train existing staff on how to navigate the programme.

This role is allowing me to gain new experience with project work, working within a different setting and attending meetings where I am able to listen and give feedback on questions and concerns regarding the new system. Since the role is primarily computer based, I have also increased my skills not only with the typical Microsoft Office programmes, but also in using new programmes such as ARC and System One.

Jul 2007Apr 2009

Finance Systems, Accounts Receiveable, Agency, Credit Control

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group

I began my employment at Ecclesiastical within the Finance Systems Department, on a years work placement during my time at University.This roleinvolved sorting out system queries, working on new projects to improve the performance and efficiency of the programmes, as well as training new staff to use the software.

In December 2007, I was transferred to the Accounts Receivable department, due to the recent departure of the team. I has to quickly learn how to take payments via direct debits, cheques, cash and credit cards, bank and process them on one of our many systems, send BACS requests, work on queries and communicate with customers via the telephone, email or by post.

My final role with the Company began in the Agency department in September 2008 where I created, monitored and amended the customer records on the I+ and Mainframe systems, aswell as ensuring the correct details where kept updated on the Graydon Network. Whilst in this department I continued working on an ad hoc basis with the Accounts Receivable team, and worked within the Credit Control Department, which involved contacting customers who we had not yet received payment from, and chasing up new and existing queries.

My Placement was set to end in June 2008, however the company asked me to continue in employment, which became part-time once I returned to University in September 2008. Whilst in the Accounts Receivable and also in the Credit Control Departments I participated in Simplification Exercises, which involved looking at existing processes, examining why they are done in such a manner, and if they could be altered to save time and resources.

Each role involved a lot of communication with the public and as it was chasing for payment or dealing with queries, many customers where not the friendliest of individuals, this allowed me to gain experience in interacting with customers, and dealing with unhappy individuals. It also allowed me to improve on time management and organisational skills, as I was working alongside studying.

Oct 2006Jun 2007

Customer Sales Assistant

During my second year at University I worked as a part-time Sales Assistant at Primark. As it was a new branch, I helped to prepare the store to open in November 2006. I then worked primarily in the Childswear department, although I moved around dependent upon necessity, the role involved tidying and restocking the departments, assisting customers, serving behind the tills, and assisting in deliveries, both by stocking the floors and the storeroom. I also assisted in the stores first stock take for audit, which meant counting and recording the number of each different item for sale.

This role was primarily customer facing, and so helped to enhance my communication skills, and as shopping, especially with children can often be a stressful experience for parents, the job required a thick skin, as often employees were on the receiving end of a customers frustration.

Nov 2005Jun 2006


Chiquito's Restaurant

During my first year of University I worked part-time as a waitress at Chiquito's Restaurant, this involved preparing the restaurant to open and cleaning it after it closed, serving the customers, taking orders and payments, and occasionally dressing up as "Alberto" the restaurant mascot, and dancing around the restaurant and taking photographs with customers.

The main learning experience in this role was that you must be willing to try anything, and if you approach it looking confident, you will succeed.

Jan 2005Aug 2005


HSBC Bank Plc

I was the main cashier in a small but busy branch of HSBC Bank. Due to the small size of the branch I was lucky enough to be involved in quite a few dealings, including dealing with customer transactions such as giving and receiving money over the counter, but also ordering and distributing foreign money, new and replacement cards, and cheque books. Setting up, amending and cancelling direct debits and standing orders, booking appointments to see other members of staff, being the first point of call for queries, sending letters to customers and balancing the tills weekly.

Whilst I left the branch to go to University in August 2005, I continued to work on an ad hoc basis in the Cheltenham branch, and during the following summer holiday in the Tiverton Branch. This role taught me about sensitive data, and fraud, it was very interesting and educational learning about the different ways people go about trying to commit fraud, and also regarding the importance of only giving information to the account holder.

Aug 2002Dec 2004


Bickleigh Mill Restaurant

I worked as a waitress during my time at college, primarily weekend work, but also full-time during holidays and evenings during the Christmas period. The role involved preparing the restaurant to open, and cleaning after closing, serving the customers, taking payments and cashing up the till in the evenings. I also helped in the kitchen preparing the food and loading and unloading the dishwasher, and covered lunch breaks in the shop.

This workplace was my first "real" job, and it taught me the basics regarding budgeting pay, time management and booking holidays, as well as how to act in a workplace and customer service.


Sep 2005May 2009


University of Gloucestershire
Sep 2002Aug 2004

A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Sociology

Exeter College
Sep 1997Aug 2002

12 GCSE's Grade A - C

Tiverton High School


I achieved the role of Staff Cadet Sergeant in the Air Training Corps (ATC), I was responsible for a squadron of cadets, teaching them to pass their cadet exams and how to march, and organise and supervise the evenings activities. Whilst in the ATC I participated in many activities such as camps, Nijmegen and flying, I was awarded best cadet and best NCO, and awarded a gliding and flying scholarship, allowing me to gain my solo flights in a Vigilant and Katana aircraft. I was also in charge of the “charity” organization, organizing car-parking duties for numerous events and fund-raising to raise money for schools in third world countries.

I am interested in hiking and have completed the Exmoor Challenge 35 miles, Nijmegen and Arnhem Marches, which were completed in teams and therefore as much aboutstamina as teamwork and morale. I have achieved the level 4* in Skiing, and have participated in the Ladies Driving Challenge to raise money for Marie Curie. I have completed the Aspire Channel Swim to raise money for Spinal Cord Injury patients, attend the gym regularly, and am teaching myself to speak Arabic.