Leah Ryz

  • London, United Kingdom, GB
Leah Ryz


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Seasoned manager, years of experience working both agency and client side. Helping clients strategically solve business problems.

Mobile and multi-channel research expertise ~ genuine love of travelling for business ~ familiar with a variety of tools ~ qualitative and quantitative methodologies to help clients answer the unknown.

Some of what I believe:

* Design experiences through user-driven research and insight, or pay the price later on

* UX people who don't collaborate and are protective over their work should think again

* Usability and accessibility mean little if enjoyability hasn't been considered

* We are all designers in some way of another, and should all care about the end experience

* Human beings are intriguing, unpredictable but fascinating creatures

* Ego within the workplace stops change - and often, change is very much needed

* Test, learn and share. And when you share, share with everyone relevant

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2014 - Present

UX (User Experience) Research Lead

Heading up all global User Experience (UX) research at Usablenet, a global technology leader in mobile and multi-channel, and a pioneer in usability. My job often takes me to the USA to lead intriguing research projects, or speak at events. Day-to-day, I work with a plethora of clients, often strategically, to help them become more user - centered, where I enjoy offering thought leadership in this area.
Jul 2013 - Present


Understand Users
Working with charities, other non-profits and clients who do no harm in our world. Helping to shape mind-sets, where they need shaping. Stand up for the user... ...and giving back feels good.
Jan 2013 - Jun 2014

Global User Experience Consultant


Worked solely on global projects, and responsible for the User Experience of the MORE TH>N brand and EChoice brand. RSA is over 300 years of age, and are determined to be user-centric.

Some of my duties at RSA included the following:

* Continuous improvement of the websites to deliver: sales/profitability targets, cost savings & improved retention/customer loyalty
* Stakeholder management for all key changes – supporting eBusiness Partners to ensure that plans are well documented and performance is communicated
* Working with Analytics and Insight team to analyse and implement findings from web analytic tools e.g. Omniture/Clicktale
* Producing proposals with the aim of improving business performance and user experience
* Working with Product teams and other business stakeholders to devise market leading customer journey
- Implementing a test and learn strategy, planning what, when and how to test and sharing the learning
* Monitoring of the external market place to generate creativity and innovation to improve customer facing websites
* Consulting on global partner activities
* Providing insights to global partners
* e-Business representation on major projects
* Providing expert reviews (usability, practitioner) reviews
* User centred design tasks:
o Competitor / best in class reviews
o Stakeholder / design joint workshops
o Persona Creation
o Card sorting
o Journey mapping, scenario mapping, information architecture, interaction design, wire-framing, usability best practice
o Functional requirements/acceptance criteria
o Business rules (functional web layer)
o User testing (in-house and co-ordinating out of house)
o User enquiry (research tasks like diary studies, deskside analysis, focus groups, surveys