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I am absolutely enamored with all forms of animation and plan to work on some animation projects of my own very soon. I have a few things coming together in the very early preproduction stages, so stay tuned to what's new here.

I'm also perpetually intrigued by the art secondary to animation: voice acting. Likewise I love "reading" audiobooks. It adds an extra dimension to the story having an actor speak the parts to you, and then not only is it a great work of literature, it's a performance as well.


Ultimately, I will be working in the animation sector of the film and TV industry. Don't think any less of me when I say I don't care what part of it I work in, I just know that to be the desired medium of my life. So whether I find myself drawing countless images, reading the parts, dancing around a sound stage, or mixing everything together in the glorious end, I'll be right at home.


I just created this page, so stay up to date on any changes to come soon. I'll be putting in a more professional photo of myself for one thing. That's just a quick shot from my PhotoBooth application.

More importantly, keep it here for new project details that I will be adding to my portfolio and, possibly to come, a Blogger page for status updates on those projects still in the works.

Currently Reading:


Voice Captioning
Most of the mistakes I make are Caption Mic, the computer program's, fault. In spite of those tech flaws, I've still managed a 90%+ accuracy rating. Don't let my recent introduction to this skill fool you.
Autodesk Maya
I'm still learning all the ins and outs of this program, but am making quick progress of it.
Macromedia Flash
I say intermediate because I'm better at just the graphics and design, and let's just say I'm not so great at coding. Programming basic buttons is where my expertise stops. You can check out some of my work in the screen shots included in my portfolio. That's an adventure game I made as a class project at Penn State.
Adobe Illustrator
I previously acquired skills in vectorized graphics from learning Macromedia Flash. That mostly carried over into illustrator.
Apple Logic Pro
I'm really just picking it up for professionalism's sake, but so far it seems less intuitive than some of the free programs I'm used to like Audacity. Maybe others feel the same way?
Apple Final Cut Pro
Adobe Photoshop

Work experience

Dec 2008Present

Broadcast Assistant

WPXI - Pittsburgh

I spend most of my shifts on voice captioning live programs, but otherwise I run robotic cameras and operate the prompter for the evening and late evening news.

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Freelance Videographer

Veritas Legal Services

Taking depositions for matters of the court.

Jul 2008Jul 2008

Crew Utility


This was basically temp work during the Nationwide golfing tournament.

Apr 2008May 2008


CAPS Universal

Not too much to say. First, I was an airport patron. Then I did some lighting stand in work. Then I pretended to sell some ice cream near the terminals. Fun times... fun times.


Sep 2003May 2007


Pennsylvania State University