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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Fifth grade teacher

Double Churches Elementary


Jan 2010Present

Masters in Education

Columbus State University


Anna Revell Walden

288 Mulberry Ln.

Fortson, Ga.31808

(706) 617-4600

[email protected]



A Media Specialist position or a teaching position in technology


Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia

Currently enrolled, seeking Masters in School Library Media

Current G.P.A. 4.0

Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia

Graduated May 2008, Bachelor of Science in Education

Columbus Technical College, Columbus, Georgia

Completed course requirements, Winter 2002- Fall 2004

Passed the National Nursing Association Test

·Passed Early Childhood Education part I and II of the G.A.C.E.

·Certified by The Georgia Professional Standards Commission

·Inducted into the National Honors Society


DoubleChurchesElementary School, Columbus, Georgia

Taught 5th grade for two years

·Worked collaboratively with the grade level.

·Maintain control and differentiation in an inclusion classroom.

·Developed lessons suitable for all children with special needs teacher.

·Implemented a Cornerstone model classroom.

Gentian Elementary, ColumbusGeorgia


·Assumed full responsibility for seven weeks.

·Demonstrated ability to maintain classroom control in the least restricted environment (L. R. E.) classroom.

·Initiated and taught hands-on lessons using smart board and manipulatives.

·Established a classroom of respect and rapport.

St. Mary’s Academy, Columbus, Georgia

1st AND 2nd GRADE

·Taught lesson plan units for science and social studies.

·Participated in individual and group instructions.

·Read stories to small and large groups of children.

River Road, Columbus, Georgia


·Tutored a child for 12 weeks in reading fluency and comprehension.

·Prepared strategies to improve reading skills.

·Planned and implemented games and books that reinforced phonics.

·Worked collaboratively in a team teaching classroom.

DoubleChurches, Columbus, Georgia


·Helped organize and participated in field day.

·Observed classroom procedures, lessons and C.R.C.T. testing.

·Observed and implemented activities with special needs students.

Georgetown, Columbus, Georgia


·Planned activities for classroom and hall for P.T.A.

·Created glyphs for a math conference.

·Observed and interacted with daily lessons.


Muscogee County School District, Columbus, Ga.April 2008- August 2008

Substitute teacher k-12

·Implemented lessons plans

·Maintained classroom control

Ruby Tuesday, Columbus, Georgia 2006- present


·Customer service provider

·Responsible for large amounts of money

SunTrust Bank, Columbus, Georgia 2003-2006

Teller position

·Large cash handling experience

·Teller trainer

·Formed excellent customer relationships


·National Honors Society

·Scholarship from the Pink Rose Foundation

·Hope Scholarship

·Hope Teacher Promise Scholarship


·Helped coordinate and run Scholastic Book Fair

·Technology Expo staff training

·Flip video camera training

·Organized, planned and implemented school spelling bee.

·Organized, planned and implemented Social Studies Fair

·Organized, planned and implemented Grade level field trips.

·Organized, planned and implemented Science Olympics.

·Cornerstone literacy training


Ronetta Owens

Cooperating teacher for student teaching

Gentian Elementary School

Columbus, Georgia

(706) 569-3625

Jeannie Cole

Special Education, Collaborative Teacher for student teaching

Gentian Elementary School

Columbus, Georgia

(706) 569-3625

Lisa Shaw

Director, SAFE Office

Columbus State University

Columbus, Georgia

(706) 568-2200

Sandra Montjoy

Lead Special Education Teacher

Double Churches Elementary

Columbus, Georgia

(706) 718-8153


EDUT 6115: Foundations of Library Media ProgramCourse description: The media center at Wynnton elementaryElements of operation and maintenance of a library-media center (Learning Resources Center) will be investigated from the historical perspective, types of services, and the role of the media specialist in addressing both educational and cultural needs. Core Standards: (Important for Web Folio) Standard 1.3 - Access to InformationThe access to information at Wynnton Elementary School was grade level appropriate and easily accessible. I was able to weed and shelf books using renaissance place. (See lab report)Standard 1.4 - Stimulating Learning EnvironmentAt Wynnton Elementary Mary Thompson collaborated with the principal to provide students with resources and to discuss the upcoming budget.Standard 2.3 - Information Literacy CurriculumMary Thompson was very familiar with the resources in the media center and order resources that teachers and students preferred.Standard 3.1 - Connection with the Library CommunityWhile observing at Wynnton I realized how much Mrs. Thompson collaborated with her staff to plan and implement her lessons and trainings.Standard 4.3 - Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic Planning and AssessmentMrs. Thompson used a variety of technological devices in the media center including the textbook scanner and the smartboard.Course Description: The course focuses on the study of the school library media center as a foundation of the daily support to the instructional program. Course Lab Hours Distribution of hours Course background information to be usedEDUT 6115 Foundations of Library Media Programs. 10 5 Hours at the Elementary School (3 Hours - PK-2, and 2 Hours - 3-5) 5 Hours at the Public Library Admission to the graduate programGoals/Objectives: The student will be able to: • Identify the fundamental elements of librarianship and libraries.• Provide a foundation of the historical development of modern librarianship and libraries, including the literature of the field.• Demonstrate knowledge of the components of professional practice and the place of the library and librarian in a multicultural society.• Identify and discuss the characteristics of different types of libraries and information centers; including public, school, academic, special, and consortia/networks.• Discuss the impact of information technology on library services, functions, organizations, and staff.• Identify and discuss recurrent professional issues and current trends and issues in libraries.EDUT 6115: Lab Experience Check list

EDUT 6115 - Field Experience RequirementsEDUT 6115: Foundations of Library Media ProgramCourse description: The North Columbus Branch Library with Kirsten EdwardsElements of operation and maintenance of a library-media center (Learning Resources Center) will be investigated from the historical perspective, types of services, and the role of the media specialist in addressing both educational and cultural needs. Core Standards: (Important for Web Folio)Standard 1.3 - Access to InformationAt the North Columbus Branch Library there was an abundance of resources offered to the public as long as they had a library card.Standard 1.4 - Stimulating Learning EnvironmentKirsten Edwards at the North Columbus Library provides workshops and training classes from pre-school to senior citizens to help create a learning environment for all ages.Standard 2.3 - Information Literacy CurriculumKirsten Edwards is very familiar with the library she manages and the resources her patrons want. She can find the books quickly and easily when needed. Standard 3.1 - Connection with the Library CommunityKirsten was very friendly with her patrons. She was familiar with the patrons and assisted them with their needs. She put off the work she needed to do to help patrons. She has created a warm and welcoming library community.Standard 4.3 - Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic Planning and AssessmentLibrary visits confirmed the importance of technology in a media center.The media specialist at North Columbus Library has provided a suggestion box for patrons to voice their options. Also, Mrs. Edwards studies her patrons to better fit their needs and plan her activities.

StandardsStandard 1: Use of Information and Ideas  ~1.1 Efficient and Ethical Information-Seeking Behavior ~1.2 Literacy and Reading ~1.3 Access to Information ~1.4 Stimulating Learning Environment   Standard 2: Teaching and Learning ~2.1 Knowledge of Learners and Learning ~2.2 Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher ~2.3 Information Literacy Curriculum   Standard 3: Collaboration and Leadership ~3.1 Connecting with the Library Community ~3.2 Instructional Partner ~3.3 Educational Leader   Standard 4: Program Administration ~4.1 Managing Information Resources: Selecting, Organizing, Using ~4.2 Managing Program Resources: Human, Finacial, Physical ~4.3 Comprehensive & Collaborative: Strategic Planning & Assessment