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Dr. Demir Ilter has built an international reputation for his treatment of baldness in men, a condition that affects about 25% of all men by the age of 30 and over 65% of men over 60. One of the effective treatments for baldness, and the one used by Dr. Demir Ilter, is called Follicular Unit Extraction Ilter Method (FUE IM). This technique uses transplanted hairs provided by the patient to restore lost hair, and Dr. Demir Ilter’s practice has thrived thanks to his innovative refinements of this treatment. These innovations came about through an unlikely mixture of the techniques first used for plastic and reconstructive surgery and cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Demir Ilter joined the staff at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm in 1989, working in the plastic and reconstructive surgery division. He was invited to join the cardiovascular surgery division some years later, where he learned advanced techniques in microsurgery. One of Dr. Demir Ilter’s colleagues received treatment for baldness, but the final result was not aesthetically pleasing; the restoration did not give a realistic, natural appearance. The problem of both effectively grafting hair and doing so to get a natural-looking result intrigued Demir Ilter. He further discovered that by applying the microsurgical techniques he had learned as a cardiovascular surgeon, he could dramatically increase the effectiveness of these transplants. Dr. Demir Ilter left his position at Karolinska University Hospital and set up his own private practice in Stockholm. Since it opened, the Ilter Clinic has performed over 1,000 successful hair restoration procedures. During these operations, Dr. Demir Ilter and his staff can perform as many as 3,200 grafts in a single day. When he is not performing hair restorations, Dr. Demir Ilter is an active participant in the international medical community. He frequently lectures at major medical and hair restoration conferences and also conducts clinics for doctors who want to start their own private hair restoration practices at

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