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Leia is a dedicated, dynamic education professional and program development consultant with a passion for promoting health through nutrition and fitness. Her strengths include facilitating learning for students of a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds and enhancing learning outcomes by connecting curricula to practical applications. She is fluent in English and French, and speaks beginner level Spanish. 


After years as a classroom teacher, Leia seeks to bring her education expertise to the realm of health and wellness. Leia is currently pursuing nutrition studies in order to become a registered dietician. In addition, Leia is in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer. 

In the long-term, Leia hopes to affect positive change by developing community health programs that focus on nutrition education and outreach. By empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make healthy choices, Leia intends to help prevent the development of diabetes, especially in children. Leia is particularly interested in developing interventions that target expectant mothers and members of low-income communities. 

Work Philosophy

Leia sees the current climate of health care as the perfect opportunity to affect positive change. The benefits of balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle permeate all aspects of an individual's life. Leia's client-centered approach is informed by her experience as a teacher and teacher trainer. By focusing on the specific needs and environment of each individual, Leia ensures that the programs she develops are pertinent and manageable. When people have clear, they are more successful at meeting and sustaining their goals. Leia believes in education as a constant, evolving process, not only for her clients and students, but for herself as a professional and a leader. Leia is a member of both Florida and National chapters of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  


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Meal of the Day

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Consultant, Curriculum Developer

IDEEL Education

  • Planned and delivered training on effective educational methods 
  • Tailored professional development program based on regular observations and feedback
  • Created ancillary videos of best practices 
  • Analyzed teacher performance to recommend new training criteria 
  • Designed technology-based lessons and activities for new curricula
  • Developed and launched a library program to build students’ language skills through literature
Jul 2011Jul 2012


Tsai Hsing Private School

  • Incorporated technology in lesson design and delivery to improve learning outcomes 
  • Differentiated instruction to engage all students, including those with learning disabilities 
  • Created comprehensive unit, semester and program entrance assessments
  • Analyzed assessment data to establish concrete learning goals and target instruction
  • Modified lessons and activities in class to maximize student comprehension 
  • Collaborated with local teachers to share and develop best practices
Aug 2008Jun 2011

ESL and French Teacher, ESL Program Coordinator

New York City Department of Education- PS/IS 50

  • Devised original, thematic-based curricula for 9 grade levels and after school programs
  • Secured grants and collaborated with arts organizations to conduct after-school programs
  • Planned and delivered professional development workshops for colleagues on effective ESL teaching methods
  • Managed and monitored testing protocols and results to ensure compliance with state standards  
  • Assisted non-English speaking parents to understand the New York Public School system and make informed choices about their children’s learning
  • Collaborated with colleagues to build support mechanisms across content areas
Apr 2011Jun 2011

Class Manager

City Harvest

  • Facilitated a community center class to help parents and children improve nutritional habits and learn healthy cooking skills
  • Collaborated with nutritionist, chef and after-school program staff to develop and tailor lessons for participants
  • Modified teaching plans based on evaluation recommendations to improve educational experiences for future classes
  • Coordinated delivery of materials onsite and maintained administrative records
Mar 2011May 2011

Data Collector

New York University School of Medicine

  • Interviewed nearly 100 survey participants about food choices and food access
  • Participated in a program to gather information evaluating the effects of policy changes on nutrition 
  • Collaborated with colleagues to help improve data collection methods
  • Communicated with supervisor to review progress with the survey
  • Maintained legal documents and cash incentives 
Jun 2008Aug 2009


Embassy CES

  • Taught English to international students of different cultural backgrounds
  • Created cooperative tasks to help students improve interpersonal language skills
  • Incorporated authentic materials to enhance and extend curriculum
  • Regularly assessed students and modified curricula to ensure optimal learning


Aug 2012Present

Human Environmental Science

University of Alabama
Jun 2006Apr 2008

Master of Arts

New York University

Partnership for Teaching Excellence Scholar

Aug 2000May 2004

Bachelor of Arts

University of Central Florida

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Florida Bright Futures Scholar

Academic Honors Scholar

Honors College 


Curriculum Design and Development
Mac OSX; iTunes, iMovie, GarageBand
Microsoft Office Suite

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