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Academic Performance:

GPA (4.354 , rank 18th in 260 students)

CET4 scores: 593,  CET6  scores:578

People scolarship in 2010,2011,2012

Project Experience:

Alibaba Affiliate Newtwork ( 

Baidu Crowdtest platform ( online E-commerce System (

ERMS Document Management System


Work experience

Apr 2014Present

Software Engineer


I worked as a software engineer intern in alibaba ICBU. During my internship, I attended alibaba affiliate network project, which increases the traffic of effectively and contributed to a great advertisement income improvement. In this project, I designed and implemented several systems in alibaba affiliate network. I also learn a lot about software architecture of alibaba websites, and structure of some of the midwares in alibaba. By my internship , I also learned how entire internet advertisements works.

Sep 2013Dec 2013

Software Engineer Intern

NandaSoft Technology Company

I worked as a part-time software developer in the project of ERMS (E-Resource Management System) in NandaSoft Technology Company. GWT and Hibernate were mostly used. I worked as a manager of a student group. I gained some skills of leadership from this work.

Oct 2012Apr 2013

Software Engineer Intern


I work as a software engineer intern in the group of Crowd-test Platform in Baidu. My work included developing and testing web application,  improve database performance, fixing secure problems, developing monitor programs ,etc. The most used technology was PHP. Other web programming skills like javascript, HTML, css were also involved. I learned how daily routine works in big company like Baidu. My programming skills were also greatly improved during this period by solving problems coming one after another.

Apr 2012Sep 2012

Software Engineer Intern

I worked as a web application developer in a start-up company. My job was developing an E-commerce system mostly dealing with wholesale business among countries. J2EE , HTML , JQuery were the mainly technologies used. I worked hard as a member of the entrepreneurial team during this period. The fighting spirit of the team inspired me.


I have a lot of experience in java development. I also learned about several open-source frameworks like spring, struts, webx3, ibatis ,etc.I have experience in hadoop programming as well.
Web Development
I have a variety of web programming skills, consisting of  front-end skills like HTML, css, javascript and backstage languages including Java,PHP,Python.  I also had experience of new web skills HTML5, CSS3 and webGL.
I have experience in Mysql, SQL Server. I have done some work on database performance improvement.
I have experience in linux OS. I'm familiar with common tools and shell scripts of Linux.