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The Basics of Global Challenge

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Global Challenge started out as a simple geography and history game which took a few weeks to play. Students competed to occupy and maintain territory on the world map by answering questions from their textbooks and stating geographical and historical facts. Over the years, the game expanded in complexity and eventually played out over an entire semester. Thriving in this new kind of environment, students formed teams with unique names, created team logos and posters, compiled huge databases and held meetings at lunch and after school.  "Underground" markets were even created to make deals and trade information and ideas. The game itself came to be a working metaphor for the challenges that came along with advanced civilizations. As a classroom project, Global Challenge can be an excellent way to challenge your students to look way beyond the text book and explore the world as it has come to be. By participating, students will learn about history, economics, political science, finance and how to be part of a team. Teachers who use this in their classes will learn how to teach in a new way - by allowing students to create their own learning experiences. This game represents a new way of learning, from the bottom up, and shows that learning can go way beyond basic classroom content and standardized tests. This workshop will show you how to set this up in your class, but more importantly, will show you a new way to teach.

Comments From Administrators

“Mr. Chazen has organized and implemented a world history game that he created to help stimulate student interest, learning, and participation in the study of world history and world government. This active learning game greatly increased student understanding, interest, retention, and participation in their study of world history.”

Mr. Ross Gregory, former Principal of Galena High School

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Comments From Students

"I enjoyed this game immensely. I learned more than I ever would have from a textbook. I guess actions do speak louder than words."

"I have learned more about the history of the world this year than I have in my whole sixteen years of life.""Regardless of what happens in the game of Global Challenge, (the event) can, will, or has happened in the real world.""To tell you the truth, I really liked this game because I learned something from it.""Global Challenge is a great simulation game. Every aspect relates almost perfectly to history.""I think that Global Challenge is fantastic. It gave us a chance to learn while having fun. It was so much better than sitting in class all day and not learning anything because we were bored""Global Challenge taught me a ton. I know for a fact that if we would have sat in our chairs and done book work all year I would have failed."

Comments from Teachers

"Lee, I think the project is amazing! I like the way it is set up so that the students are the ones writing and answering the questions. Students will learn more if they are the ones doing the research and fact checking. I especially like the the "game" like atmosphere, with students making alliances and treaties. I don't think you can simulate anything more real world. I am going to "tweak" it a little and try it "ancient civilization style" with my 6th graders. Thanks for allowing me a chance to read through it and experiment with it." (reviews from former students at the bottom)."

-- Kim Lander, Kansas City