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Social Media

Above I have listed 3 social media websites that I use, and learned about in my social media class. I will explain how some of these work.

My Blog: The website i used to blog is called "Blogger", I used this website to state my opinion on some of the trends that have and might happen in the future with social media.

Twitter: My twitter account that I use is probably one of my favourite social media websites, I am constantly on it updating what is on my mind in short phrases. Twitter you are allowed to post within a 140 character limit and it is called "tweeting", it is one of the biggest trends and if you don't already have an account i recommend that you do!

LinkedIn: Personally i am new to LinkedIn, but it is an easy way to stay "linked in" with the people you may know. You will always be updated with everyone's new job or school they are attending.

Since there was no more room to add more websites i will post the links below and continue to explain more about these social media websites.

YouTube: I do have a YouTube channel, but i personally don't use it to post videos, only to watch them. I know many people who use this website to make videos to just get things off of their chests, joke around, or to show their talents. YouTube has made a huge impact to the social media world and continues to grow with new users joining daily.

Facebook: this website is probably one of the biggest hits for social media, it has millions of users all around the world and still continues to grow every year. Facebook, i think, is one of the easiest ways to stay connected with people and find people you know on, because everyone has it! It is easy to use, you can see the latest news with all your friends and family and see and post pictures of events that might have happened. Facebook is great for communicating with people because they have a Facebook chat, messaging, and you can write on someones wall. People can even create events instead of having to mail out invitations, such a time saver. There is so much to describe about Facebook, and it is constantly updating and changing things around to make their website bigger and better.

Overall, there are many social media websites out there to discover, but these are the main 5 that i choose to use to stay in the loop.

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