Luis Canamar

Luis Canamar

architect / entrepreneur / libertarian

Work experience

Work experience
2014 - Present



Provides real estate marketing for agents, including high quality photography, video tours and 360 panoramic tours. Most work gets done on weekends.

2013 - 2013

Real Estate Agent

Realty World Procasas

Observed the needs of consumers from real estate agents in Mexico, then quit to provide a service that meets those needs.

2010 - 2011

Construction Supervision

ADA Architecture

Responsbile for overseeing the construction process of single family residences. 

2009 - 2010

Architectural CAD Designer

Virgilio de la Paz Arquitectos

Responsible for home design and architectural plans. 


2010 - 2015


Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - ITESM



Knowledge regarding markets, trading, technical / fundamental analysis and related topics. 

Understands lingo, theory and concepts regarding all these topics. Practices short-term trading (mostly company stocks) in trading simulators. Self-taught. 


Constantly learning about trading, investing, economics, free market capitalism and libertarianism. Anything that I need to learn in order to achieve something will be learned.

Highly interested in economics and libertarianism.

Frequent listener of Peter Schiff's podcasts, and many advocates of libertarianism / free market capitalism like Learn Liberty, Mises Institute,, etc. 


100% Fluent. Written and spoken. 20 years of consistent experience with the language. 


Native language. 


90% Reading comprehension. Can manage to answer back fluently if there's time to write back and proofread. Above average accent.