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Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Cashier/General Worker

Coldstone Creamery

My job entails many many daily challenges both rewarding and trying at times. First off lets start by the uniform one is expected to wear. As an employee of Coldstone, I  advertise the company by wearing the logo proudly. Being at the company for about eight months, I advice young new workers in the ways and rules of the company. Skills I learned when i was younger are still applied to my job, such as quick mental math and logic. Assembling the desserts to the customers likings is much like a work of art. It takes much patience. Money and food are in constant need of checking from inventory to the last cent we make. I am in charge of also counting the money in the drawer before each shift to make sure everything stays balanced and kept together. Organizing is a huge key factor to my job. If I do not stay organized with the merchandise or products, then the store will reflect that and be troubling. Communicating is also a vital part of my job. Language is key when talking to customers and being able to appease their wants or needs. Friendliness and courtesy are two concepts I must always practice, in order to keep customers wanting to come back. Every order I get, is a special one, customized special just for the customer. I deliver the orders back to the customer with a smile.  I am only enabled to have my job, because of that of the loyalty of the customers of Coldstone.

May 2004Present

Office Cleaner

Kotz Associates

I clean my aunts office as a side job, and make a nice amount of money. It helps the overall appearance of the office what I do. I make sure the place is cleaned up and looking nice for the next week of business.


Sep 2009Present

Bucks County Community College

I was recently an Education major, until I switched to Psychology. However I may be changing my major to HR.

Sep 2005Jun 2009


Notre Dame High School

I attended Notre Dame High School for all four years of my high school education. Notre Dame is a private catholic high school, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. I gradated and received my high school diploma in June 2009.


I am an excellent communicator. While I may not be the best at public speaking, when i am proficient in the subject matter, I am quite an eloquent speaker. My best skill is my selling skills. I am very convincing and friendly and am quite good at selling items/ideas.


Hello Future Emplyers,

My name is Olya Offredo. I am a diamond in the rough as a worker. I come off as not very focused but I have tenacity that shoots to the sky. I am very dedicated and loyal ,and any employer I have ever worked for will tell you, that I do my job, and I do it very well.  l look forward to working with all of you in the future.


My objective in creating this online e-resume, is to show prospective employers my skills and what I can bring to the company/workplace.