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International Experience

rSantiago - Assessment of the Chilean retail market – 2006

rFlorida - Technical visit to the US Retail Market – 2002

rMilan and Paris - Participation in the MACEF Fair and visit to retail market – 2002

rMilan - Participation in the MACEF Fair – 2001

rFlorida - Negotiation and meeting with importers – 2001

rParis and Geneva - Meeting with IBM clients – 1997

rNew York, Houston, Minneapolis, and Toronto - Meeting with IBM clients – 1996

rFlorida - Technical visit to the Wal Mart DC, and to Disneyworld – 1995

rNew York – USA – Congress of the National Retail Federation – 1992




  • Sound professional skills in consumer goods market, B2C and B2B, and in large retailers' corporate strategies, areas where the applicant has been acting for over thirty years.
  • Twenty one year experience as executive in large-sized companies - leaders in their market share - managing staffs (up to four hundred people) distributed in intermediate managerial levels, analysts, technicians and operators.
  • Accountable for business units such as sales channels, product categories or relationship modes, with outcomes of nearly R$ 90 million/year.
  • Knowledge and experience of new businesses development and innovating projects, having participated in several transformation processes, in projects with up to 4 years' horizon.
  • Large experience of Internet and e-commerce, with mastery of the whole business cycle, and solid relationship with the market, results attained as the company's main executive in the area, for four years.
  • Large experience of planning, coordinating and implementing marketing campaigns in offline and online environments, as well as relationship with publicity agencies and the media.
  • Large experience of supply chain management, from the purchase, capacity and operation planning, to the management of the Distribution Center.
  • Experience of business modeling, structuring of production units, cost reduction, and processes transformation, using the Information Technology as a support for achieving business objectives.


qFluency in Spanish and English and Basic French

Other Activities

rProfessor of Marketing at Estácio de Sá University – Graduation Course.

rChairman of the Board of Social Action “Make a Different Day”,

rMember of the Marketing Committee of the Smart Club of Brazil.

rAdvisor to the Board of Shareholders of the Smart Club.

rMember of the ABEND Retail Committee (Brazilian Association of Direct Marketing).

rCASA&VIDEO representative in the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

rAuthor of a blog on Internet and Communication:

Main Accomplishments

  • Significant broadening of CASA&VÍDEO performance in the virtual market, reaching 5.5% participation in the State of Rio de Janeiro, by elaborating and implementing strategies to assure the market share, with changes in Internet and Telemarketing Channels.
  • Increase of nearly 1530% in online sales at Casa&Video, within 4 years, through the structuring of Sales Channel, processes transformation concerning the whole enterprise and designing, planning, implementation, launching and diffusion of a new website.
  • Increase of nearly 180% in telemarketingat CASA&VIDEO, within 4 years, based on both changes in the Sales Management Model and staff motivation.
  • Starting up sales in corporate market, B2B, through the implementation of sales channels to enterprises.
  • Removal of serious problems related to operation discontinuation, through the rationalization of logistics planning processes and productivity improvement in operations performed by the Distribution Centre.
  • Loss reduction through both moralization of control processes, and relationship with transporters and other service providers.
  • 30% reduction in the sales loss by stock out as a consequence of developing and implementing systems, methods and work routines concerning logistics planning and staff structuring.
  • Sales increase by 10% within two years in several product categories at Lojas Americanas, through the review of product assortment, reassessment of price policies, implementation of campaigns and promotional actions, along with strategy development regarding house brands.
  • Implementation and development of a pioneer multi-marks and multi-sector fidelity program in Brazil, through participation in its launching planning, and development of the joint program involving other large organizations' executives, in addition to the coordination and leadership of activities aiming at the launching and functioning of the program at Lojas Americanas.
  • Increase in both sales and clients retention at Lojas Americanas, through implementation of direct marketing actions and successful partnership with suppliers.
  • Improvement inLojas Americanas' imageandreputation, by developing and implementing programs and actions concerning social responsibility, as well as partnership development programs with other third sector enterprises and entities, such as the program "Make A Different Day", on which the applicant acted as chairman at national level.
  • Improvement in the information accuracy and quality as well as reengineering processes, by designing, planning, developing and implementing the commercial automation process, involving hardware and basic software choices, suppliers selection, development and implementation of systems and processes in the stores and at the Central Administration.
  • Stocks optimization, cost reduction and significant simplified operations by designing, planning and implementing new processes in the stores, according to the "Wal Mart chain logistics model.
  • Cost reduction and optimization of the systems development process, by implementing an outsourcing model in the systems development.

Work experience

Apr 2005Jan 2009

General Manager for Virtual Channels

Apr 2003Mar 2005

Logistics General Manager

Jul 1997Mar 2003

Marketing and Relationship Manager

Lojas Americanas S/A
May 1987Jun 1997

Processes and Systems Manager

Lojas Americanas S/A
Jan 1981Apr 1987

Systems Analyst

Lojas Americanas S/A




Fundação Getulio Vargas


Pontifície Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro