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Work experience

Creative Designer


Working picture grading and sound editing on upcoming films and TV programmes 

Deluxe142 - Post Production (Work Experience)

-Learning new skills on different software

-Helping with sound editing

-Helping with picture grading

-Inside view of post production and the industry

During my experience working with Deluxe142 I was based mainly in sound editing and picture grading.

Working with sound I used a platform named Pro Tools. Before visiting the studios I had never used this software before so it was new to me, but during my time there I learnt and developed my skills on Pro Tools.

I was also introduced to a colour correcting and picture grading software called DaVinci Resolve. Once again I learnt the basics on how to use this software and even had a part in correcting a cut in one production!


-Maintaining a clean and safe kitchen

-Catering for many customers at one time

-Being responsible for opening and closing the diner

-Organizing stock deliveries and stock take.

-Being able to work in all areas of the centre (bar, reception etc)

-Customer interaction


-Maintaining my given aisles

-Paint mixing for customers (Dulux training course)

-Rotating stock and keeping stock available

-Learning about new products to the store

-Helping customers with product information and advise

-Interaction with the customers

-Skills on checkouts

-Help training with new staff

Calls4Charity (Work Experience)

-Working to a deadline

-Presenting to external clients

-Learning about the business

-Create an ad specifically for them and what they do

-Help promote the business

-Research competitors

Calls4Charity was a project from college, but the clients were external and wanted us to produce a 30 second advert for them, advertising their business. This was my first real experience working with and external client and completing the project was an achievement.I was put into a group for this task and together we thought of, produced, edited and screened the production for the clients. 


Sep 2010Present

Thanet College


Personal Skills and Intrests
- Photography - Filming - Editing