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Financial services professional and successful London-based businessman, Layton Tamberlin has a wealth of experience in the investment sector and now runs a number of successful businesses in London, UK, including Sullivan Street Partners, Samedaydoctor and Baby Concierge.

He was born in Shrewsbury, UK in 1976and studies at keble College, Oxford University for a Masters in Philosophy and Mathematics.

Graduating from university, he moved to London and went straight into a role within bulge-bracket investment bank Merrill Lynch, now part of Bank of America. In this position Layton Tamberlin gained a significant amount of execution and transactional expertise, as he was involved in a range of high profile mergers, acquisitions and IPO’s. During his time with the firm he raised equity capital for, among others, PHS Group and Generics, and advised on numerous acquisitions including that of the Newsquest by Gannett as well as the acquisition of Rockware by Ardagh.

In 2002 he left Merrill Lynch and joined Manjit Dale and Stephen Robertson as they were in the process of sourcing backing from the Tudor Group to establish TDR Capital. TDR Capital is a €2.5bn Western European Private Equity firm, investing in varying businesses from a range of sectors. Whilst at the organisation, Tamberlin worked on a number of high profile acquisitions, including Pizza Express, Resolution and ASK.

In 2009 Layton Tamberlin left TDR Capital and became the company chairman of Samedaydoctor. The innovative business, which was founded in 2003, aims to provide the public with a range of high-quality, private healthcare services with high quality patient service and minimal waiting times. Currently Samedaydoctor has several walk-in GP and sexual health clinics across London and the rest of the UK, and also offers online help and services.

During 2010, Layton Tamberlin and Richard Sanders co-founded Sullivan Street Partners, a corporate finance boutique and consultancy house operating in the UK. Richard Sanders was previously a consultant at Bain and Group Strategy Director of the John Lewis Partnership. Sullivan Street Partners currently works with private UK companies and advises on investments, business enhancement procedures and corporate development strategies.

Recently, Layton Tamberlin has also become the director of Baby Concierge, a retail business that offers expecting parents a range of services. Its customers are able to shop online or visit the Baby Concierge showroom to find exactly what they need. Baby Conciergealso offers a range of services, including special consultations and gift lists.

Layton Tamberlin is living in London with his two children and wife. He has a brother who suffers from severe autism, so commits time to providing support to some of UK’s autism charities and service providers. 

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