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I am currently employed at EMC as a Technical Support Engineer for the VNXe Team and am looking for the opportunity to move into Management at EMC. When I heard about this Managerial Position to lead the Workflow Managerial Team, I felt that I might be a good fit for the position.

I have many of the qualifications. education, and leadership experience described in the job description; and if hired, I would use these abilities to help drive business results and lead this team through the transformational change they will need as they transition to ServiceCloud.

Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Technical Support Engineer II


While at EMC, I worked on the SSG software team (Solutions Enabler and Powerpath) and VNXe hardware team. Most cases involved in working with storage administrators, escalation engineers, and other support engineers to resolve customer issues within their host systems, network fabrics, and storage arrays. Typical support would include working within the software GUI called Unisphere, running CLI/Terminal commands and/or reviewing/investigating logs.  I exceled in my normal day-to-day job requirements and quickly became a team lead on my team. 

During this time (2012) the Work Flow Manager for my team was in the hospital and my manager asked that I be the backup WFM while he was out. During this time I learned many of processes and job requirements of a WFM and was the primary Work Flow for my team.   Not only did I perform the day-to-day requirements of a WFM but also created backlog reports, optimize team WFM spreadsheets, took leadership trainings, and kept up with my regular workload of cases for my team. Since this time my manager recommended that I look into to the possibility in management at EMC.

Since this time I have been actively working to improve myself and pushing toward a position in management.  I have endeavored to take on multiple training courses and certifications to improve myself.  Some of these include:

1) Backup Work Flow Manager for VNXe Team. 

2) EMCCAe and EMCSA Certified

3) Technical Writer and Knowledgebase Coach for my team.

4) Public Speaking and Professional Trainer - Member of Toastmaster's International.

5) ServiceCloud SME for Draper

6) Currently in the LEAD program at EMC

7) Currently studying to complete my ITIL Certification

8) Currently enrolled in Master's degree in IT Management and will graduate in Feb 2017

9) Proficient in SQL, Excel, Tableau, and Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

10) Have taken the Following Leadership Courses at EMC:  Exploring a Career in Management, Building Your Brand, Increasing you Emotional Intelligence (Preferences, Beliefs, Skills), , Influencing Others, Situational Leadership, Straight Talking, Customer Conversations, and Presentation Skills.

Jan 2012Aug 2013

Technical Support Engineer


Worked in the Mobile Management call center support team for a year where I provided both frontline and advanced customer support. Some of my job requirements were to provide timely technical support via phone, email, support forum posts, and web case submissions to server based solutions.  While on the team I was able to learn SQL, IOS app programing, Windows Server, and experience providing technical training to other coworkers.  During this year I also earned the Symantec “Learning and Excellence” award and was asked to join a very specialized team called the SWAT team.

The Symantec SWAT team consisted of some of the most advanced engineers in the company. I felt it to be a huge honor to be on the team even though I was the only one of the 4 that was not a backline engineer at the time.  Because of my HR experience they asked me to schedule, call, and document each case the SWAT team worked on.   I was also asked to provide the skills and know-how I learned in Mobile to reach synergistic solutions with the others on my team.  While there, we were not only was able to meet our expected job requirements, but my team designed a very well-known and productive diagnostics tool called the “SMPDiag Tool” at Symantec.

I really enjoyed working with and learning from each of the individuals on the team.  While on the team I learned the following skills: Domain Servers, Patch and Software Management Inventory,  SQL, VSphere and VMware, asset management, and many others.

Apr 2009Sep 2011

Human Resources Intern

City of Logan

While working at the City of Logan I worked half the time at the Parks and Recreation division and directly under the Chief HR director for the city. At the Parks and Recreation division I developed a system to benchmark prices for the Parks and Recreation divisions of 6 in-state and 6 out-of state cities. I maintained relations with many of these city’s managers and created an online spreadsheet where each manager can input information for their current city to compare pricing and statistics between cities.

While working at the main HR office for the city I updated the city’s “Position Allocation by Grade” and the “Position Classification Series” information in their databases. I also updated this information on Tech Net, which is an online salary survey program used by 23 city and county governments throughout Utah to benchmark salaries. On the side I assisted in scanning and setting up a paperless system for the city so that employees may submit all claims and send documents online.



Master of Information Technology

Charles Sturt University

Currently enrolled and working on my Master's Degree in Information Technology with an Emphasis on IT Management and Network Security.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Utah State University - Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Human Resource Management


Associate of Applied Science

Utah State University - Uintah Basin Branch Extension

Pre-Health Sciences