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McInnis & Nicoll


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University of Western Toronto

Benefits of the Canadian Bar Association Student Membership

By Paul McInnisThe Canadian Bar Association offers a special reduced-fee membership to Canadian law students. The membership includes many benefits for law students, such as access to legal publications (e.g., The Canadian Bar Review, National Magazine) and CBA PracticeLink for the discussion of real-world issues outside of law education.Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is another benefit of a student membership with the Canadian Bar Association; members of the Canadian Bar Association save on registration for CLE events and educational opportunities. CLE programs are available throughout Canada, and offer law students the opportunity to expand their professional repertoire through networking and educational resources. For more information about the Canadian Bar Association's student membership, visit the Author: Paul McInnis celebrates over three decades of serving as a lawyer in Canada. He specializes in family law and offers services in litigation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration of matrimonial disputes. McInnis is the five-time recipient of recognition as one of Canada's best family law lawyers by Best Lawyers in Canada and is also a member of the Canadian Bar Association.

About Lawyer Paul McInnis Toronto

Graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Arts from The University of Western Ontario, Paul McInnis received his LL.B. from Queen’s University and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1979. Now practicing family law as a Partner at McInnis & Nicoll, Paul McInnis offers litigation, negotiation, and both mediation and arbitration of divorce proceedings. Completing his Family Law Mediation Certification in 1994, Mr. McInnis attended CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado. He has also been a Dispute Resolution Officer of the Family Law Division of the Superior Court of Justice since 1996.

Paul McInnis has received recognition for his accomplishments in law, being named one of the Best Lawyers in Canada (Copyright 2011 by Woodward/White, Inc., Aiken, SC). He has held this acclaim for the past five years. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Paul McInnis is a member of both The Canadian Bar Association and American Bar Association. He also holds membership at The Advocates’ Society.

Many of Paul McInnis’ successes can be attributed to continued educational pursuits. From 2007 to 2011, Mr. McInnis has co-chaired the continuing legal education (CLE) Annual Family Law Summit, while he previously presented on Conduct of a Family Law Trial in 2006. In addition to his presentations at CLE, Paul McInnis has spoken at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting on Comparative U.S./Canada Analysis Re: Pension Division on Marriage Breakdown, and the International Bar Association Annual Conference on Comparative of Spousal and Child Support Legislation in Various Countries.

Paul McInnis contributes regularly to articles for The Advocates’ Journal, Family Law Quarterly, and Money and Family Law.