Lawren Richards

Lawren Richards

Work experience

Work experience
2006 - Present


Richards Consulting

Provide business process consulting, organization services, and financial & strategic advice to firms primarily in the Salmon Arm, BC area.

Mar 1998 - Jan 2002


Enterprise Architecture, Telcordia (Bellcore)

Provided strategic and business process consulting to firms in the telecommunications industry.  Initiated and implemented a cross-departmental Enterprise Architecture offer including developing the methodology, marketing the offer, and implementing with the client.  Assisted start-ups in organizing and establishing processes. Representative projects at Telcordia include: 

Domestic Utility, Business Process Engineering, Organization Design and Enterprise Architecture

  • Assisted start-up subsidiary in developing the business infrastructure necessary to begin operations.
  • Developed detailed processes for service activation, sales and product development, and a high-level view of all major processes.
  • Wrote job descriptions which tightly dovetailed with the process flows.
  • Designed an organization chart suitable for growth that considered strategy, processes and financial restrictions.

Canadian Cable Company, Business Process Engineering, Systems Integration & Strategy

  • Provided strategic technology advice at the highest levels of the firm (“trusted advisor” relationship).
  • Integrated new telephony (Voice over IP) processes (activation, installation, billing, repair, etc.) with current cable processes.
  • Guided client in the integration of new systems, legacy systems, processes, data needs, network architecture needs and training.
  • Provided advice on linkages between market strategy, billing strategy, dialing strategy and process. 

Entrepreneurial Wireless Wholesaler, Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Engineering

  • Provided strategic technology advice at the highest levels of the firm (“trusted advisor” relationship).
  • Increased client’s operational and administrative viability by mapping all processes, some detailed sufficiently for ISO implementation. 
1995 - 1998

Business & Technology Consultant

AT&T Solutions

Provided comprehensive consulting to global clients as well as internally (Solutions itself was a startup). Aligned critical business processes with overall strategy, introduced emerging business concepts, implemented e-commerce strategies, and helped clients respond to their customers’ needs.  Representative project include:

AT&T Solutions Systems Integration Practice, Extranet Development and Implementation

  • Managed the development and implementation of secure web access for clients to proprietary information on AT&T platforms.

AT&T Solutions Consulting Practice, Knowledge Management Liaison and Technology Platform Migration Coordinator

  • Increased the firm’s intellectual capital by improving systems and processes for the access, using and sharing of information.
  • Increased opportunities through improved client management and by facilitating intra-company communication.
  • Improved the reliability and stability of internet communication by implementing a standard platform; transferred knowledge gained to other practices for firm-wide rollout.

Airlines Client, Enterprise Architecture

  • Identified opportunities for better communications internally and with customers, and for improvng data collection and data use.
  • Defined quantifiable information technology plans that directly support the strategic business direction.
1994 - 1995


As part of the "Peace through Privatization" initiative for the Palestinian Peace Process, coordinated the visit of a group of Palestinian businessmen with US businesses in 5 cities across the US.  Duties included choosing attendees, determining locations, coordinating meetings (business, political, and PR), educating businesses regarding OPIC's role, offering business advice as needed, and generally shepherding all participants through the event. 

Other Professional Experience

Volunteer Business Mentor (Salmon Arm, BC)                                                                                      2006-Present

Board of Directors, JumpApps Inc (San Diego, CA)                                                                              2004-Present

Board VP, Shuswap Family Resource and Referral Society (Salmon Arm, BC)                              2005-2008

Member, Council of Advisors, Girls Preparatory School (Chattanooga, TN)                                     1998-2004

Certified Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute)                                   2001


1991 - 1994


General business administration with an unofficial concentration in Arab Studies (e.g. Middle Eastern banking, Arabic, etc.)

1989 - 1991

BS, Magna Cum Laude

University of Tennessee

Majored in Economics with minors in political science, psychology, and history, and a concentration in Arab Studies.