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My interests are body bulding, and retail, and my kids..


My neame is Lawrence Clippinger and I have been in retail for the past 28 yrs. I have always had a vision for the personal care and the service of the people. I am a people person. My life has been about taking care of not only my family but the family and relations that I have in the work place. We spend hours with our teams at work and yet some stay distant. I love filling the gaps and building bridges to devlop not only my own self, but the devlopment of a great working enviorment to grow and be sucessful.

Work experience

Dec 2004Present

Sr.Logistics Team Leader/ LOD Key holder

Target corp

This position hold many understanding points of the stores knowledge from running a cash register to running  the stors main opperations while there is no executice in the bulding. Not to mention the stores replenishment prosses, planogram sets for all seasons and regular work loads of the dept Team Leaders. Other jos requiered inclued recving of all vendor, or DSD, fedex, or all other curriers. I also help maintan the intergity of the stock room. Identifing and coaching and training on Pull prosses, along with hunderds of other plans.

Jan 1998Aug 2004

Loc. opperational supeviser/ Natioal special events supeviser.

maffey tent company

With Maffey my first responsablitity was putting togther local events. Ex. setting up schudleing, puting together the items to load on the planning sheet, then loading and enspecting all merchandise before it ever leaves the whearhouse. This also includs going to the setup, meeting the client, and tending to there needs to make there event a sucess. Nationally I worked on only large accounts and managed them with the co. owner of Maffey Gorge More. I personaly put together the 2005 grand slam gulf turnament which included running over 200-500 temps,local vendors,and other opperation. This includes putting the tents up along the course, outside the turnament, the setting of over 5000 chairs and tables, over the hole entier gulf course and in other locations for the turnament. This includes the television contracts and knowing the laws and restrictions in each turnament location.

Sep 1993Apr 2001

G/M Third person

Details include

1. supervising,staffing,trainning, merchandiseing,ordering, cal.porduct profits. and reopening of redos.

Jan 19871994

Lawn/Garden manager

K-mart corperation

My jobs included with this company which was over 7-9 years of time frame. Started as a stock boy, then went to lead stock boy/ reciving asst., then moved on to managment of the shoe dept for 11/2 yrs. From there I really started to learn about merchandiseing and ad setting and setting ad merchandise properly.

        Then i was promoted to Lawn / Garden were I was trained on ording mass quiantes of merchantdise. This also included setting up the season to season merchandise and the building of the mass coral that holds all sale of out door land scaping merchandise.


Mar 2006Jan 2008


University of South


Wave / crown
Used at whearhouse job that i have had and still certified.
10ton cran / operators
I learnd to used when i was putting up large tents called Clear Spans. Which ranged in any length to 61/2 story high, to as wide as 90 meaders.
Trailer unload prosses/ DSD deliveries
These skills were used with most of my jobs. and the experances were different your after the man ending.
LULL/Sky track forklift opperator
This i use in the  raising and lowering of large tents. The unloading of merchantdise, and fram parts.
Forklift opperator
This I used to unload flat bed trucks, boxed semi trailers, and in side a wharehouse settings with tight spaces.



12-online courses through Target corperation