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Work experience

May 2010Sep 2010

home renovations

niagara peninsula homes



durham college



my main interests lie within the business categories. im interested in being an agent sports or entertainment agent.

basketball is a passion of mine currently playing for my college on a scholarship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship also known as UFC is a huge favourite for me because ive been following for a very long time.

the outdoors i love being outside and also biking and rollerblading.

fitness, hitting the weight room and keeping myself in shape is something i inspire to do

NBA i watch everyday

my wife and kid!


this resume has been used to show my use of social media and also my take on social media. social media in the society has gretaly increased and i find that it will continue to increase and has an endless opportunity to do so. i have had social media impact me in a way also. My advancement in social media has helped me alot witht he use of myspace first coming out thats how i was first introduced on how to use social media tools like that...once i got comfortable with myspace it seemed like everything else was coming out like facebook and thats where i use most of my knowledge of the social media aspect. i guess you can say facebook has really helped  me understand the terms of social media. i still have a mild intake of social media in my life because i regularly just use the mainstream ones. 

youtube has helped me alot with the whole video blogging they have on their you can really get other peoples opinions on certain things going on in the media. im not the one to post videos on youtube until a while ago when i had my own dance crew i used to post all of our routines and videos on their just get our name out around in our city and in the whole movement there was for that certain dance we were doing. i have a youtube account but thats mainly to favourite or subscribe to my favourite DJ's or my favourite artists, or jujst useful videos i like. most of all i have an account to comment on videos and get my opinion out there on the video or what it represents.

i have a twitter account but that is just mostly to see whats going on with my favourite athletes, artists, and actrors. not really using my twitter for status posts or even to keep in touch with friends thats what i have facebook for i figure; mainly the updates on my favourite peoples.

my flickr account i rarely touch but thats because im not one for pictures like females usually are, i just used my flickr for those who wants an insight of my interests in pictures. i only have favourite pictures of my interestes on my flickr account and its fairly short and steady.

my linkedin i just recently joined to have and keep updates on my favourite businesses, what they have been up to and newly hired people of importance and also the stocks and career opportunites they have(not like ill be getting any of those any time soon) but its still still goood to know which positions are open on a regular basis. certain requirements as well. 

i have also posted a link of me talking about my overview of social media i the society and even the impact it has had me. a full conclusion on what i hae basically been talking about on here


Home renovating
worked for a home renovations company for a while and was taught alot of skills and assets. for one we learned how to renovate toilets and the plumbing behind it. we learned how to take out old windows and replace them effecient new windows that stopped the leaking of air through your house and ventilation. then also we replaced front doors and back patios with new ones also.  then we got the framing and measuring done, also caulking and foaming the perfect fit and to keep the windows and doors in place.
i have been trained multiple times in the WHMIS i have had aklot of experience with food, worked for alot of food companies! Handled alot of food and cleaning products. i know alot about alot of different hazards and chemicals which not only helps me in the industry but also everywhere i go


Jun 2010Present

Fall Protection

Niagara Peninsula Homes