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About Lawrence Hernandez

Over the course of his career in the field of health care, Lawrence Hernandez has established himself as an industry leader in several regions in the United States. He has consulted with major healthcare organizations around the country to dramatically improve patient satisfaction, reduce falls and eliminate hospital acquired conditions using Lean methodologies. Some of his greatest successes have resulted from his expertise as a Organizational Turnaround Coach. Lawrence Hernandez has also lead companies in launching major strategic initiatives resulting in significant increases in their financial bottom line. He has also work closely with hospital leadership to rebuild staff engagement and motivation using his “Three V” Philosophy. Lawrence Hernandez is particularly known for his inspirational speaking style and highly effective training methods. He has received numerous local, regional and national awards for his work. He has also been invited to present several major keynotes addresses. He has presented one of his most popular talks, “Ten Rules To Getting What You Want In Life” to 100’s of audiences of all ages.

He completed his Ph.D. in Child and Adolescent Development at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education, where he developed the now widely used Heave-HO Tutoring Method and presented his results at the International Conference on Education in London. Simultaneously, Lawrence Hernandez also obtained an Ed.S. Degree in Program Evaluation and a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology while working full-time at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center as the Nurse Supervisor.

Most recently, Lawrence Hernandez has worked as Director of Quality Improvement and Performance Management at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Denver. During his time with the Institute, he was a member of the Hospital Management Group and spearheaded the development of many effective policies for the hospital. In addition to delivering monthly updates to the Colorado Governing Board regarding the impact of the Affordable Care Act, he helped reduce elopement rates to zero for two entire quarters. Lawrence Hernandez was formerly the Interim CCO at a Fortune 500 hospital company where he achieved the highest clinical quality index among 98 hospitals. Lawrence Hernandez presently serves as Director of Quality Management at Vibra Hospital.

Work experience


Director of Quality and Senior Consultant

Executive Leadership

• Consummate professional who is passionate about obtaining exceptional patient outcomes.
• Goal driven communicator with the ability to identify innovative approaches to quality.
• Self-directed leader and lifelong learner of complex social, political and healthcare trends.
• Special interest in community building and employee engagement models.
• Extensive experience and knowledge of healthcare rules, regulations and laws.
• Highly skilled at analyzing quality and financial data to effectively communicate solutions.


Ed.S., Program Evaluation

Stanford University

Ph.D Minor, Clinical Psychology

Stanford University

Ph.D, Child and Adolescent Development

Stanford University