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Work experience
Aug 1996 - Present


About Lawnbear

Possessing a team of extensively trained lawn technicians with a deep understanding of southern turf varieties, Lawnbear provides a full range of services to keep customers’ yards healthy, lush, and green. The Lawnbear team knows how to best control insects, diseases, weeds, and other impediments to the ideal lawn that homeowners want. Lawnbear technicians discuss expectations and wishes with clients thoroughly and then custom tailor services to reach those goals as quickly as possible. In addition to lawns, the company also provides services for trees and shrubs. As living organisms, lawns require water and food to live, and Lawnbear offers the best fertilizers for each type of lawn to keep the grass at its peak. All varieties of grasses and soils demand a different approach to achieve desired results. Lawnbear technicians can thoroughly explain the chemistry behind fertilization to clients, empowering them to make the best decisions for their lawns. Lawnbear offers potential clients a free lawn inspection with no obligation for further services. Lawnbear technicians will visit a home, diagnose the lawn’s current condition, hear about the client’s vision for the lawn, and explain the approach that Lawnbear would take to get there. Individuals can request the free Lawnbear inspection online or call the company at (800) 737-8232.The Lawnbear website provides individuals with a range of complimentary tips for achieving and maintaining an ideal yard. These tips include advice about mitigating diseases, mowing, controlling pests, and watering. For example, Lawnbear recommends that individuals water their lawns early in the morning since evening watering encourages with growth of fungi. Yards will ideally receive one inch of water each week, and overwatering can prove just as detrimental as underwatering.


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