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My interest are just basically any thing that is professional and is in the business management field The biggest interest that I have is something that ive never seen before. Ive always had a interest for the uknown. The business that I am looking to run is a marketing business. My interest has always been marketing


Creative result that focuses mainly on leadership and the ability to work well with others. My  best ability though is ai am capable of learning any task i am taught.

My interest of study is business management. I want to go into this field to run my own organization and be globally as well known as Nike.

My goals : My goals are to be the best and biggest business management in the worl. I hope to open a corporation called Kinko which is well known for large retails like walmart. The competition for Kinko is large globally known studies such as Walmart and Microsoft.

Work experience

Jul 2010Present



With this job what we have to do is load and unload trucks. The process has to be fast and accurate so, we at nike have built a well foundation on that.m The Job is simple and can be done in usually less than an hour.

Mar 2013May 2013

Promoter of Company Products

Tennesse Marketing Concept

With this job we are promoting FW1 it is a waterless wash and wax for the whole car. It waxes and washes the car at the same time. We are sponsered by Nascar and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  We are growing nationwide and will be expanding real soon globally.


Sep 2011Present

Associates degree

National College

Related course work: I have leadership skills and computer knowledge. My grades at national college are A's.

Knowledge about business management: The knowledge I have obtained from the courses of study here are that the type of business planning i will bringing to the fields

Education and Employment


Work Ethic


Jan 2012Present

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National College

Top Secret

United States Navy