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Lauryn Jessi Joyce


personal profile

I am an aspirational, energetic and responsible student who always has a positive attitude. I have a keen interest in working within IT and business, having gained substantial experience working in this industry already. Some skills I possess are that I can confidently use IT software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe from working within a family business that involved working with ICT. I am a very punctual, organised and a hard working person who will take any challenge given to me in order to aspire to develop my current skillset further. I can work well in a team and independently in order to meet deadlines, whilst being able to motivate myself and those around me.

Work experience

Jun 2014Feb 2016

Business administration and manufacturing

Skint Skateboarding Company

In a family business working with my uncle I worked on a Saturday and sometimes (mainly in the holidays) through the week. I am very punctual and hard working as I started at 8 am and sometimes do not finish till 6pm, I managed a lot of the business side of the company for example I developed skills in IT and social media as well as accounting as I created and sent out invoices as well as meeting and taking to clients over the phone. In the manufacturing side of the company I made merchandise such as clothing which involved paying a lot of attention to detail and also sending designs to printers therefore I have experience with using standard software for example sign cut and all Word and Adobe formats.


Sep 2011Jun 2016


Crawshaw Academy 

Robin Lane, Pudsey


LS28 9HU

I have studied at Crawshaw Academy in education for 5 years in order to achieve grades A-C in my GCSE'S. I am currently in my last year (2016) still to sit my GCSE'S, here are my mock and predicted grades. 

Mock exam results

English Language      B

Mathematics              C

Science                       B

Geography                 C

Art                               A

Integrated studies     A*

Predicted grades

English Language     A

English Literature     B

Mathematics             B

Science                      B


Geography               B

Art                             B

Drama                      C

Integrated Studies  B


I am a very active person who likes to attend the gym three to four times per week in order to keep myself healthy. As well as this I enjoy working for my family business on weekends to further educate myself and learn new skills within a business but enjoy spending time with family and friends and doing social activities that keep myself busy and active.


Martin Burton (Director of Skint Skateboard Company).

11 Hayley's Yard, Bramley


LS13 3LA

Oliver Murtagh (BTEC business teacher).

Crawshaw Academy

Robin Lane, Pudsey


LS28 9HU