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Dear reader,

Please find attached my Curriculum Vitae as well as the address of my Online Web Resume at:

I have extensive knowledge and years of experience in:

  • Debtors & Creditors
  • Office & Finance Administration
  • Corporate Catering
  • Food & Beverages 
  • Small Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Stock & Quality Control

I have gained much of my experience at the following companies:

  • Officeconomix
  • The Belgian Choclatique
  • Laula's Catering
  • Orion Financial Aid Swakopmund
  • Nedbank
  • Trustco Group International
  • Starlite Wholesale Prepaids
  • Supertronix
  • Largo Video
  • Slot City Gambling House

I am available for interviews in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Windhoek, Namibia. I can start immediately if required.

I am a Namibian Citizen and my Identity Number  is 82020110261.

I can be contacted at cell 081 861 7800 or email [email protected] 


Your time and consideration will be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


Cell: 081 861 7800 Email: [email protected]  LinkedIn:




Personal Information :

Date of Birth : 01.02.1982

Nationality : Namibian

Marital Status : Single

Gender : Female

Language : Afrikaans, English

ID Numberr : 820201 1026 1

Criminal Offences : None

Health : Excellent

Computer Knowledge :

  • Sage VIP Pay Roll
  • Omni Accounting
  • Pastel Partner V11
  • Accountmate 7.4
  • Sage X3
  • Windows Microsoft Office 2010 (Excel, Word, Outlook, Internet)


  • Photography
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Socializing
  • Outdoor living
  • Travelling
  • Meeting new people
  • Food & Beverages

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Financial Administrator

Officeconomix Group
  • Matching and batching of creditors invoices.
  • Matching invoices to orders and ensuring that invoices is correct in every aspect.
  • Allocate General Ledger posting codes to invoices.
  • Ensure that all invoices and monthly statements are obtained from the suppliers.
  • Obtain authorization from responsible parties for all invoices.
  • Work to company required standards and procedures at all times.
  • Daily petty cash duties.
  • Filing of creditors reconciliations and general administration duties.
  • Processing of group's Debtors Daily Payments received.
  • Invoicing and processing of all Inter Company Transactions.
  • Draw up weekly/monthly age analyses.
  • Bank reconciliations.
  • Updating price lists as required.
  • Resolve queries.

Jan 2015Feb 2015

Stock & Quality Control (Temp Position)

The Belgian Choclatique

Key Responsibilities :

  • Purchasing of stock from various suppliers.
  • Receiving Deliveries.
  • Reconciling Delivery notes with purchase orders.
  • Recording serial numbers where applicable.
  • Organising stock on shelves and buckets.
  • Place stock in designated areas for ongoing projects.
  • Monthly/Weekly stock take and reconciliation of stock.
  • Make sure that products meet standards of quality and safety for example measure and weigh products, examine samples and test them.
  • Make sure that everything from raw materials to finished products meets quality and safety standards
  • Visit the factory floor to take samples of products and inspect production, and to discuss problems with colleagues.
  • Inspect products purchased by the company from suppliers and maintain records of supplier performance.
  • General administration and office duties.
Aug 2014Dec 2014


Laula’s Catering

Key Responsibilities :

  • Estimate ingredients and supplies required to prepare a recipe.
  • Perform food preparation duties.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day running of the business.
  • Managing the food and beverage provision for functions and events.
  • Menu planning.
  • Ensuring health and safety regulations are strictly observed.
  • Budgeting and establishing financial targets and forecasts.
  • Monitoring the quality of the product and service provided.
  • Keeping financial and administration records.
  • Managing spending levels.
  • Maintaining stock levels and ordering new supplies as required.
  • Maximizing sales and meeting profit and financial expectations.
  • Monitoring quality standards.
  • Keeping abreast of trends and developments in the industry, such as menus, trends in consumer tastes and management issues.
  • Resolve customer service complaints and inventory or cooking problems.
  • Performs various financial activities such as cash handling, deposit preparation.
  • Specify food portions and courses, production and time sequences.
  • Present bills and accept payments.
May 2014Aug 2014

Cash Loans Administrator

Orion Financial Aid cc

Key Responsibilities

  • Approve loan within specified limit, and refer loan application outside those limits to management for approval.
  • Analyze application financial status, credit, and property evaluation to determine feasibility of granting loans.
  • Performs administration and office support activities for multiple supervisors.
  • Assist staff with overwriting on loans, customer complains and inquiries.
  • Analyzing Daily Cash Ups of different branches.
  • Draw weekly/monthly Age Analyses and Installments of outstanding clients.
  • Drawing up of Excell Spreadsheets for month end purpose as requested.

Aug 2013Dec 2013

Credit Amin Clerk ( Temp Position )

Nedbank Swakopmund

Key Responsibilities :

  • Processing of approved loan applications.
  • Typing of facility letters to clients.
  • Recovering facility fees and other charges.
  • In charge of revenue stamps and balancing.
  • Requesting of paradox reports / updated values / fire confirmations.
  • Liaise with insurance / assurance companies for registration and cancellation of cession on policies.
  • General credit administration and security office work and filing.
  • Handling and completion of security documents.
  • Globus loan administration.
Feb 2008Jan 2013

Creditors Clerk

Trustco Group International

Key Responsibilities :

  • Matching and batching of creditors invoices - Reconciliation of creditor monthly statements. Ensured that all invoices and monthly statements are obtained from the suppliers. Matching invoices to orders and ensuring that invoices is correct in every aspect.
  • Obtained authorization from responsible parties for all invoices.
  • Worked to company required standards and procedures at all times.
  • Performed reconciliations to company required standards and ensured that suppliers are paid each month.
  • Ensured that any queries either with suppliers or internal are resolved as soon as possible.
  • Provided copy documentation to other departments when required.
  • Assisted with year end audit information when requested.
  • Daily petty cash duties - Filing of reconciliations and general administration duties.
Jul 2004Jan 2008

Administration Assistant

Starlite Wholesale Prepaids

Key Responsibilities :

  • Post data in records books. Received, counted and paid out cash.
  • Prepared, issued and send out receipts, bills, invoices and statements. Prepared stock inventory.
  • Serving customers at the counter and on the phone.
  • File invoices and statements. Resolve queries.
  • Learning of product lines / applications, including features, benefits, warrantees and limitations plus training.
  • Administration tasks for returns and credits.

Jul 2003Jun 2004

Debtors / Creditors Assistant


Key Responsibilities :

  • Invoicing clients.
  • Send statements to clients of all open invoices and outstanding accounts.
  • Draw up age analyses and phone all clients who has outstanding payments on invoices.
  • Responsible for incoming payments.
  • Posting of all payments to customers who paid their invoices according to the bank statement and cash.
  • File invoices, statements and reconciliations.
  • Resolve queries.
  • Daily banking of cash and cheques received.

Apr 2002Dec 2002

Counter Sales

Largo Video

Key Responsibilities :

  • Assisting the customer at the counter or on the telephone.
  • Maintain stocked shelves and displays.
  • Administrative tasks for returns, credits.
  • Suggestive selling to give the customer a choice.
  • Receiving new stock.
  • General administrative duties.
Oct 2001Mar 2002

Cashier & Bar Attendant

Slot City Walvis Bay

Key Responsibilities :

  • Accepting coin buckets for redemption.
  • Paid out winnings.
  • Reconcile the book at the end of the shift.
  • Serving of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Refilling of drink dispensers.
  • Assist in stock control.
  • Collect payments, operate cash register and give change.
  • Maintain workplace hygiene, occupational health and safety, and security procedures.
  • Received delivered stock and make payments to supplier.


Sylvia Scheepers / Creditors Supervisor

Officeconomix  Tel: +264 81 461 4716

Adelaine Bruwer

The Belgian Choclatique  Tel :+264(0)81 128 3921

Janetta van Heerden - FNB Business Banking

Laula's Catering Tel : +264(0)81 1228419

Jaco Rautenbach - Managing Director

Slot City Walvis Bay Tel : +264(0)64 20 2587

Louis Nasilowski - Managing Director

Largo Video Tel : +264(0)64 20 5525

Jose de Brito - Managing Director

Supertronix Tel : +264(0)64 20 3318

Anne-Marie Louw - Human Resources Manager

Starlite Wholesale Prepaids Tel : +264(0)61 25 5525

Yvonne Louw - Human Resources Manager

Trustco Group International Tel : +264(0)855751248

Lisie Botha - Credit Manager

Nedbank Namibia Cell : +264(0)812385656

Luandrie Silver - Human Resources Manager

Orion Financial Aid Tel : +264(0)64 40 0895 Cel : +264(0)81 147 2668



Certificate in Sage VIP Pay Roll 

Apr 2013Present

Diploma in Professional Catering and Cookery

INTEC College

Subjects :

  • Gourmet Cooking Intro
  • Food Preparation
  • Planning Present & Service
  • Catering Business
  • Catering Function
  • How To Start A Small Business


May 2010Mar 2013

Certificate in Hotel Management

INTEC College

Subjects :

  • Catering Theory II 
  • Accomodation Services
  • Hygiene
  • Front Of House I
  • Introduction To Hotels
  • Guest Relations
  • Intro to PCs using Vista
  • Purchasing, Control & Catering
  • Food & Beverage Studies I 
  • Food & Beverage Studies II
  • Hospitality Management I
  • Hotel Law
  • Front Of House II
  • Maintenance & Security
  • Hotel Accounting I
Jan 1996Nov 2000

Senior Certificate in Grade 12

Walvis Bay Private High School

Subjects :

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting

Portfolio of Education

Portfolio of Employment


Communication skills
 Attention to detail
 Team player
Time management and organizational skills
Good planning and problem solving skills

Last word