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Senior Professional Sales





Texas A&M University


With over 17 years of solid experience in the pharmaceutical sales industry, Lauri P. Littlewood has had extensive experience working with various professionals in the medical industry. Considered a sales professional of high caliber in her specific field, Littlewood has gained recognition for her talent and skills in pushing for a remarkable culture of excellence. Such recognitions for Lauri Littlewood’s exceptional sales professionalism include having been awarded twice, both for the President’s Club and for Special Achievement. Having been a member of good standing of the Colorado Pain Association, Lauri Littlewood has very capably worked with neurologists, pain management specialists, PM&R physicians and orthopedic surgeons in bringing about an improved quality of life to these professionals’ clients using what she had imbibed as a Bio-Medical Science Major at Texas A&M University. With the way she has been trained on the main principles of how the human body works and on finding new ways to treat or cure diseases by developing advanced diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies, Lauri Littlewood is therefore as capable as the medical professionals she has been doing business with in her career as a Sales Professional, in ensuring that her clients get the best referrals in the medical world. Starting her upwardly-mobile sales career as a Medical Center Representative for Hoffman-La Roche in Houston, Texas, Lauri Littlewood moved on to becoming Senior Sales Representative with Eli Lilly & Co. at Colorado Springs in Colorado. Shortly afterwards, she came onboard as Professional Sales Representative at Alpharma Inc., Pfizer, Inc., and King Pharmaceuticals. Presently, Lauri Littlewood demonstrates her wizardry at promoting The Practice Partners at Fort Collins, Colorado.


photography, horseback riding, pottery (have a photography website)

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