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Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Theatre Manager

The University of Memphis
  • ACAD 1100-014, Instructor
  • University Center Communication & Marketing Committee, Chair
  • Assistant Manager Search Committee, Chair
  • “Memphis in May” Student Activities Conference Decoration Committee, Chair
  • Freshman Convocation Committee, Member
  • Black History Month Committee, Member
  • Indiana Professional Development Seminar, Student

Managed a 900 seat proscenium stage theatre facility as well as 15 student workers and 1 full-time staff, organized campus-wide events, coordinated special events with students, faculty & staff, community members and corporate clients, managed accounts payable and accounts receivable for the Michael D. Rose Theatre and University Center, managed $120,000.00 yearly budget.

Aug 2009Present

Drama Teacher

Mountain Ridge Middle School
  • Drama Program, Director
  • Thespian Troupe #88933 Sponsor
  • Technical Theatre Club, Sponsor
  • Healthy Schools Team, Member

Taught 7th and 8th grade Drama as well as directed the student plays and chartered Mountain Ridge’s chapter of the International Thespian Society. 

Aug 2006May 2007

6-8 Theatre & Speech Teacher

Campbell Middle School
  • Theatre Arts Program, Co-Director
  • Alternative Learning Center, Mentor
  • National Junior Forensics League Speech and Debate Team, Head Coach
  • Cy-Ridge Assistant Speech & Debate Team, Coach
  • Cy-Falls Speech & Debate Team, Contract Coach

Taught 6th grade Theatre Arts Rotation, Intermediate Theatre Arts, Communication Applications and Intermediate Communication Applications as well as directed the student plays and chartered Campbell’s chapter of The National Junior Forensics League. Coached students who advanced to National Forensics League national competition.

Aug 2005May 2006

9-12 Theatre, Speech & Debate Teacher

Bryan High School
  • Forensics Program, Director
  • UIL One Act Play, Artistic Director

Taught Communication Applications, Theatre I, Oratory and Advanced Theatre as well as recruited and coached the forensics team and directed the UIL One Act Play. Responsible for coaching a young speech team, taking them to out-of-town tournaments, selecting UIL Prose and Poetry pieces and taking students to the Texas Forensics Association State Competition to compete.

Jan 2003May 2005

9-12 Technical Theatre Teacher

A&M Consolidated High School
  • Theatre Arts Program, Technical Director
  • Tiger Theatre Complex, Scheduling Manager
  • Texas State Thespians Troupe #919, Co-Sponsor
  • Warped Improv Troupe, Director
  • Texas State Adult Advisory Board, International Thespian Society, Member
  • Texas State Thespian Festival Techie Competition, Coordinator (2004)
  • Texas A&M University Young Playwright’s Camp, Counselor (Summer 2004)

Managed all events for the Tiger Theatre Complex , taught one section of Technical Theatre and Advanced Technical Theatre, and co-directed the main stage productions as well as UIL One Act Play.



Set Design & Construction
Computer Literacy
Windows/Mac, MS Office Suite, CorelDraw
Publicity & Advertising
Lighting & Sound Design


Dr. Eileen Kearney

Texas A&M University

Tina Boogren

Current Assistant Principal

Daniel Koetting

Texas A&M University

Chance Lewis

Texas A&M University

Michael Greenwald

Texas A&M University


Professional License

The Colorado Department of Education
Feb 2013Present

Apple Award Nominee

Mountain Ridge Middle School
Mar 2007Aug 2012

Out of State Teacher

Tennessee Department of Education
Feb 2005Apr 2008

Classroom Teacher

Texas State Board for Education
Jan 2003Apr 2008

Educational Aide III

Texas State Board for Education

Recommendation Letters

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I recieved the following email from the mother of a former student and feel that it is worth sharing. Sometimes in the classroom, you make choices that have a far reaching impact on your students that you may not realize at the time. Deena Stephenson says, "Hi Ms. McDaniel!! Ryan recently wrote an essay for his language arts class where he talks about you being an inspiration for his Debating. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for being a great teacher when he needed one!". The essay is below. Promising Pens by: Ryan Stephenson it was the biggest moment of my life. It was the culmination of everything; Everything I had accomplished in the past four years; every late night I spent striving to finish my cases to perfection; every weekend spent at schools debating, when a normal kid should be at home watching TV; every class I missed for debate tournaments and every test I had to stay after school to make them up. It was the product of all my work. It was the finals round of the speech and debate Tournament of Champions tournament (TOC). Needless to say, it was also the day I was housing a miniature butterfly museum inside my stomach. The butterflies were so consuming, that I could hardly breathe fluently, my hands and legs were shaking and my brain was pounding against my skull. “Calm down you idiot!”, I told my nervous system, but to no avail. I set my black i-bought-this-to-make-me-look-smarter attache on the table, and with over two-hundred and fifty eyes staring at me and my opponent, the butterflies only multiplied. A pen can be a debater's most important tool in-round. In order to write down everything that your opponent is saying, you want your pen to write to your paper as smooth as possible. So when I reach into my bag, I make sure that the pens I pull out are brand new and full of ink. I opened the top of my bag to reveal the pen holders, tiny pockets and such that were stitched to the inside my bag. However, my hand did not reach for the new ones. I instead unzipped another pocket and pulled out two 5 year old, half empty pens. They were not full size pens, they were click-able mini-pens, and had a rubber grip on about a third of it. They were not the debater's choice pens, but They also were not just pens. They meant something to me, and even my butterfly museum could not stop me from thinking back to how and when I acquired them. Three years ago at the start of eight grade year, my mother told me, “if you are looking for an extra-curricular activity, I think you would be interested in the Speech and Debate team.” The subject had been brought up after telling her how my communication applications teacher, ms. McDaniel, had offered us to switch to the debate class if we were interested doing so. After some encouragement from my mother and McDaniel, I did. It was probably the most impacting decision I will come to make in my school days, though I would not realize it tell later. Although this was a debate class, everyone was interested in the acting events. I was the only actual Debater. So McDaniel made sure I was as ready as she could get me to be for our first tournament. About a week before it, McDaniel approached me individually, “i wanted to give you something special seeing as your the only debater” she said in an interested and quiet voice. She pulled out a small plastic wrapped pack of pens. “these are called flow pens”, she informed me, “they may only be pens, but ill have you know that these are the same type that high school debaters use.” In a strange way, it made me smile. They were just pens, but as I looked at them, they told me that I would have a future in this debate world, they told me that this was something that I would love doing, and they did not lie. This simple gift from Ms. McDaniel was what had gave me confidence to compete at my first tournament. If it were not for her, I would never have had the opportunity to immerse my self in the activity that I have grown to love. Without her I would never have met my family away from home in the Cy-Ridge Speech and Debate team. Without her I would never have gotten myself to this finals round at the TOC. So yes, I grabbed those three and a half inch pens from my bag. They told me that they would see me though this just as they had 5 years before. They stabbed each and everyone of those infernal and internal butterflies in my stomach, until I was ready for the tough round ahead of me. They had given me the confidence to win my very first tournament, and they would give me the confidence to win my very last one as well.


To teach Theatre Arts/Drama, Technical Theatre, Speech Communications and/or Debate in either in middle school or high school, preferably full-time, using a variety of methods and techniques which develop and enhance a student’s problem solving and leadership skills.


  • Association of College Unions International (Member) 2007-2009
  • Texas Nonprofit Theatres, Inc. (Member) 2005-Current
  • National Forensics League (Coach) 2005-Current
  • National Junior Forensics League (Coach) 2006-Current
  • IDEA Debate (Coach) Summer 2007
  • Texas Forensics Association (Coach) 2005-2007
  • International Thespian Society (Sponsor) 2003-Current

Teaching Philosophy

Although most people will agree that education is the key to success, many educators have differing opinions on how to best do the job of educating students. As a teacher, I think of myself as a tour guide or much like a travel agent. I want to inspire, motivate and encourage students to step out of their comfort zones to not just assimilate facts and figures, but to learn how to think, question and understand. To be able to organize thoughts and solve problems will give students the keys to living successfully in an ever-changing world.

Leadership Experience

  • Colorado Thespians (State Board Member) 2009-Current
  • Douglas County Theatre Study Team, Member 2009-Current
  • Alpha Psi Omega – National Honorary Theatre Fraternity, Treasurer (2003-2004), President (2004-2005)
  • Aggie Theatre Council, General Member (2001-2004), Publicity (2003-2004), Treasurer (2004-2005)
  • USITT- Texas A&M University Chapter, Founding Member (2004), Vice President (2004-2005)
  • Go! Theatre Troupe, Sound Designer & Equipment Manager (2003-2004), Scheduling Manager (2004-2005)