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Ms. Laurie Green leverages several years of legal experience at her current position as Special Counsel with  No stranger to helping others, Laurie Green has maintained an active role in her community throughout her academic and professional career. Laurie Green formerly served as a Legal Advocate Volunteer at the Hubbard House, where she provided unparalleled legal and emotional support to victims of domestic abuse. Laurie Green also volunteered for the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking, where she was active in the STOP Project. Through the STOP Project, Laurie Green was instrumental in developing valuable partnerships with a number of organizations, health facilities, law enforcement agencies, and legal agencies to build a network of support for victims of human trafficking. Beyond her involvement with community service, Laurie Green donates generously to charitable organizations, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and the American Cancer Society. Laurie Green matriculated at the Florida C School of Law, from which she graduated magna cum laude with her Juris Doctor. Laurie Green also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications and Business Administration from Clemson University. Outside of work, Laurie Green enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and traveling. Additionally, Laurie Green is an accomplished artist.

Work experience


Legal Advocate

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking
Deliver services to victims and potential victims for the purpose of sharing information about their rights, the existence of the STOP Project, available community services, and what they can do if they or someone they know is a human trafficking victim. Also, built partnerships and establish protocols with social services agencies, law enforcement agencies, the legal, health, medical and dental communities, faith-based organizations and other organizations that come in contact with victims or potential victims or want to be involved with the Project.

Legal Advocate

Hubbard House
Help victims of domestic violence obtain injunctions for protection and other legal services. Help victims understand the legal process, provide emotional support, assist with safety planning, and provide referrals, among other things.

Law Clerk Intern

First District Court of Appeal
Assisted in all aspects of appellate practice, including preparing pre-argument memoranda, attending oral arguments, reviewing trial records, and researching, writing, editing and evaluating the legal analysis in drafts of written opinions.

Patient Advocate

Greenville Rape Crisis Center
Provided support and assistance to sexual assault victims through medical and legal advocacy.




Juris Doctor


Magna Cum Laude



Clemson University

Magna Cum Laude