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  • I love learning new skills, and I love helping people by sharing my experience with the hope they will not make the mistakes (although honest) I made. It is a good feeling to feel to be part of a team.
  • I also support K-9 New life, they rescue dogs who are strays or abandoned. I help them by fostering a dog/dogs where they are given the love and attention they deserve.
  • I am also interested in fitness, and healthy eating habits. It is important to keep the body and spirit in good condition in order to cope with everyday stress. 
  • Dancing is a passion since the age of 9 years old: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Line dancing, etc..

I appreciate more and more the simple things in life, which make me feel close to nature, such as riding my bike to get a few groceries. I also like to take my dogs (rescued) to the Dog park, and watch them enjoy the simplest things around them.


Find a place of employment where I could utilize the skills of the trade I have learned, and the life experience I have acquired without being stifled by a controlling style of Management which looks at the glass half empty instead of the glass half full.

Work is what I do, and I make sure I do my work the best I possibly can. However, work does not define who I am; I have a family, interests, hobbies,  passions I enjoy very much, and for which I make time for. I try to stay in control of my life, and not let life and its stressors control me. 

I do not know if what I am going to say makes sense for some people, but I it does to me: "I do not live to work, but I work to live".

Work experience

Sep 2011Mar 2014

Administrative Assistant/Translator

AL-anon Family Groups Headquarters
Sep 2006Jul 2011

Long term/short term Substitute

VA Beach public schools
Sep 1989Jul 2006

short/long term Substitute teacher

Concord Public Schools
Sep 1983Jun 1988

ESL and French Teacher

French Public Schools


Sep 1995Jul 1996

Teaching Certification Program

Franklin Pearce School
Sep 1977Jul 1982


University Paris XIII


Jun 2006Jun 2009

Teacher License

Department of New Hampshire


Norman Arias