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Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Exercise Physiologist

  • Performs cardiopulmonary function tests and pulmonary function tests on patients
  • Involved with doctors, nurses, and patients on a daily basis
  • Works independently at various doctor's offices
  • Uses exercise equipment, computer software, blood pressure data, and ECG information
Sep 2011Jun 2012

Administrative Assistant

CFD Research Corportion
  • Knowledgeable and involved with computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Managed business meetings, socials, and events
  • Involved with classified guests and data
  • Assisted in the phone service, e-mail system, and product ordering.
Dec 2009Sep 2011

Tanning Consultant

Palm Beach Tan
  • Worked as a key sales representative
  • Assessed customers with the pros and cons of tanning beds and lotions
  • Worked with multifunctional office equipment
  • Involved with co-workers and customers daily



Computer Software
Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Adobe  C++ databases
Pulmonary Function Testing
Perform pulmonary function tests on patients using various gases, Ergo software, and breathing equipment Determine a variety of lung disorders Calculate DLCO, FVC, VO2 max, and TLC  within the computer software
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
Perform cardiopulmonary exercise tests on patients with risk factors of heart or lung disorders Able to take blood pressure, assess Ergo and CPET software, and read ECG results Interact with doctors, nurses, and patients on a daily basis


  • Main hobby is volleyball
  • Interested in the field of nutrition
  • Hope to one day become a Registered Dietician
  • Interested in becoming involved in a private consultation practice or on the sports/fitness side.


The goal is to attain a job within the healthcare field in nutrition and eventually become a Registered Dietician.


My name is Lauren Simmons.I have previously earned  Bachelor's degree in Biology and Exercise Physiology from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. I am currently back to school and enrolled at The University of Alabama, working on earning a degree in Food and Nutrition. Once completed, I hope to become a Registered Dietician working within sports and fitness.


Nov 2010Nov 2013

Standard First Aid

American Red Cross
Nov 2010Nov 2011


American Red Cross