Lauren Merica

Lauren Merica



barrel racing

I have been barrel racing since I was ten and started training when I turned 14. I am currently an NBHA qualifier and race all throughout North Texas. as far as Technology goes I now know how to use premiere pro(:

Personal Initiative

Throughout the first and second semester I rarely stepped out of my comfort zone, but as I started understanding more and more what this class was about, my grades began improving. I started to be intrigued by what the class had to offer. Before I was never really interested in computers, honestly I wasn't very good at them. With the help of Video/Tech I was able to produce a full video with sound and everything for my English class and recieve an A on a major grade project.


I am extremely friendly and always open to making new friends. You can never have enough love around you. I am also open to helping people anyway I possibly can. Everybody needs help sometime and when I need help I hope people will help me with open arms. I am also extrememly motivated towards my career goals. My horse is the number one thing in my life and she is what motivated me to go into the career of equine science.

Best work

I would say that my best published work this year was my Video I made for English Class. Using the techniques Mrs. Henderson has taught me I was able to ace a major grade project with flying colors.

Another project I did was the two sides of the door project. This wasn't meant to be a major grade but it turned out exeptionally well. I had done it all on my own without any instruction when I thought I was incapable of using premiere pro.

Finally I am extrememly proud of our group video "Schnitzelcups". We all came together and got it done in such a short amount of time with all the tools that we had learned throughout the year. Including editing in premiere pro, cutting shots, green screen, sound, etc.

Rights and Responsibilities

When making a movie students should be 100% dedicated to the movie. They should know the type of equipment they are working with and how expensive it is and how to use it. All students should be aware that if they break or lose the equipment they are responsible for paying for it.


My goals for next year is to continue in video. It has greatly improved my computer skills and has helped me in other classes as well.


I am involved In NBHA It's pretty much my life. As far as barrel racing and everything goes I can always be found training somebody's horse or at a rodeo.

My Highlight

This years biggest highlight for me was the everyday fighting in class. It was too funny watching Cole and whoever he targeted that day go at it. Sometimes it got a little out of hand but Mrs. Henderson could always handle it.