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Over the years I have become extremely dedicated to enhancing the lives of others around me.  After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Special Education, with a specialized focus in Deaf Education; I have become a hardworking professional who is flexible, dedicated, versatile and always willing to learn.  All throughout the past few years of my education, I have also allowed myself to branch out in new directions.  Working alongside all ages of individuals with varying disabilities has enabled me to become trained in numerous specific fields.  Speech and Reading instruction, American Sign Language interpreting, Life Coaching and Leadership are all areas that I exceed in.

Work experience

Sep 2010Jul 2011


Dave and Busters
Feb 2008Aug 2010


Joes Crab Shack
Sep 2006May 2007

Teachers Assistant

Jacksonville Jewish Center


Aug 2006May 2010

BA Special Education

University of North Florida


Throughout my years at University of North Florida, I was involved in numerous clubs and organizations.  Gaining the title of Vice President of the Council for Exceptional Children was such an honor.  I worked alongside many talented individuals volunteering and planning events with different organizations in the area.  All of the focus was placed on individuals with a wide range of disabilities and supporting them.  As vice president of this club I was given the responsibilities of multitasking, directing others, being organized, and engaging students to join and volunteer for a good cause.
Reading Instructor
While interning at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, I worked alongside my professors creating and implementing a new technique for teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing children how to read proficiently. Using visual cues along side verbal techniques (i.e. breathing, vocal chord vibrations, mouth movements, tongue placements) we guided children from non-readers to readers.  All of our students improved within a 4 month time period, and the study was published in the year of 2010. Presented to a workshop for Deaf Educators the techniques were widely accepted. 
Life Coach
Volunteered along side On Campus Transition (OTC); an oragnization ran through University of North Florida which enables adults with disabilities to get a true college experience.  We teach them how to live on their own, maintain their classes (i.e. homework, tests, projects).  Working with students helping them to live in apartments together, and cook and clean and become more independent.  Working with them to obtain a part time job, and control their own finances.  The following specified areas are included: (school, personal skills, independent living, job skills, finance skills, volunteering, communication skills.)  
American Sign Language
Fluent in American Sign Language.  Has worked as an Interpreter for private events.  Volunteered and interned at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. Worked with children and adults of all types of education levels, speech levels, and disability levels.