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Lauren Dill

Director of Bilingual/ESL and District Initiatives


Commanding knowledge of SnagIt and Camtasia
All aspects of Microsoft Office Suite

Work experience

Aug 2008Jan 2015

Director of District Initiatives and Bilingual/ESL

Sherman ISD
  • Create all online professional development opportunities as well as upload them to the district format for viewing purposes.
  • Establish communication protocols for staff development, as well as ensure that all staff members have access to district platforms for accessing videos created.
  • Create, edit and modify all district images for assessment purposes utilizing SnagIt.
  • Edit district videos for publications purposes.
  • Establish a variety of district websites to enhance the visuals to better engage parents.
  • Maintain compliance with Title I, Title II, and Title III, as well as seek out additional federal and state grant opportunities to compliment campus and district needs.
  • Tailor the summer school redesign, as well as facilitate the human capital aspect of summer school administrators and teachers.
  • Direct, coordinate, schedule and maintain the entire staff development program for the district.
  • Analyze and disaggregate all data for the district and provide all projections for accountability.
  • Create and revise the curriculum management plan for the district.
  • Implement procedures and coordinate the process to identify bilingual and migrant students at all grade levels districtwide, including review of student data and testing of all students.
  • Orchestrated the textbook adoption process for ELAR, Math and Science adoptions.
  • Facilitate and oversee the entire local assessment program for the district.
  • Assist to develop and provide bilingual and migrant students with appropriate coursework through curriculum accomodations, accleration, etc.
  • Develop and coordinate a continuing evaluation of the bilingual/ESL/migrant programs and implement changes based on the findings.
  • Serve as a second appraisewr and consult with principals on evaluations for staff members who provide both bilingual and/or ESL instruction.
  • Serve as ID&R for the district migrant program.
Jan 2013Jun 2014

Ad Interim Professor

Texas A&M University Commerce

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and teaching online M.Ed. courses in the area of Education Administration
  • Advising M.Ed. students
  • Advising and supervising doctoral research internships
  • Conducting and publishing research
  • Participating and collaborating in program and curriculum development
  • Providing service to the education community including college, community and regional/national associations.


Jan 2010Dec 2012


Texas A&M University Commerce

Major in Education Administration

Aug 2002Dec 2005


Austin College

Major in Communications with a Minor in Spanish


Rhonda Pickens

"Lauren Dill is an exceptional leader with a thirst and drive that is unparalled.  She would be an asset to any organization due to her work ethic and intelligence!" -- Rhonda Pickens

Angela Gutsch

"Dr. Dill is one of the most exceptional educational leaders that I have met.  We co-chaired a curriculum leadership organization and within minutes I knew that she was the type of person that you needed on your team.  She is highly efficient, intelligent and just about any other positive word that one can think of.  I would highly recommend her for any leadership position."  -- Dr. Angela Gutsch

Tyson Bennett

"In every organization there are probably only a few highly motivated, crazy productive and intelligent people that are relied upon to carry more responsibilities than most. It's like this because the "go-getters" and great leaders never blame, never complain, and never quit. They get the job done, get it done right, and they're a joy to work with. Dr. Dill is that kind of person..." -- Dr. Bennett


Oklahoma Educator Certificate

Oklahoma State Department of Education

Texas Educator Certificate

State Board for Educator Certification
Certified Teacher EC-8 both Bilingual and ESL, Principal and Superintendent


A very small sample of items created in either Microsoft Office or Adobe. I have several examples of items in SnagIt and Camtasia upon request.