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Laurence Dallaserra approaches each mountain with the belief that success is rooted from positive thought and a deep focus on intended outcomes. Laurence Dallaserra acknowledges concepts associated with the Law of Attraction, which states that both conscious and unconscious notions control tangible elements and realities. By filling her mind with optimistic ideas, Laurence Dallaserra achieves success in several aspects of her life. In the same vein, Laurence Dallaserra avoids pessimism, which halts the manifestation of negativities. Laurence Dallaserra’s concept of spirit over matter has allowed her to see joy as the purpose of life. As an interior designer, Laurence Dallaserra sees the makeover potential in houses and flats throughout France and the United Kingdom. Laurence Dallaserra buys lackluster properties and transforms them in to livable works of art. In addition to her own interior design projects, Laurence Dallaserra extends her expertise to clients that desire existing property changes. Laurence Dallaserra utilizes her clients’ needs and tastes to put together a design story that flows from room to room. Laurence Dallaserra received her Foundation and Bachelor of Arts from the University of the Arts London, Chelsea and Central Saint Martins colleges. An avid fan of British made sports cars, Laurence Dallaserra counts herself among the few owners of a TVR Tuscan. Laurence Dallaserra’s showpiece boasts a 4.0L engine, more than 300 bhps, and a sleek design with a beautiful chameleon blue exterior. Laurence Dallaserra shares a TVR model with the one used by John Travolta in the movie, Swordfish. Several times throughout the year, Laurence Dallaserra joins fellow TVR owners around the collectors’ circuit, where car enthusiasts exhibit high value vehicles. Laurence Dallaserra holds membership with the TVR Car Club and attends meetings and expos dedicated to the luxury racing car brand. 

Work experience

Interior Designer

I buy houses in need of my help I redo them entirely to transform them in homes that people want to live in. I also redo houses for customers.



Foundation and BA

Brighton city College Chelsea College of Art Central Saint Martin