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Work experience

Paper Round

Trinity Mirror

A paper round around Oregon Avenue, in which I delivered 71 papers ,which I had done every week whatever the weather, until the company had made me redundant because they went on line. 


Sep 2011Present

Secondary school education

Little Heath secondary school

I am currently studying at Little Heath school, I am predicted to get higher than average grades, I have yet to finish school. I am going to stay on for sixth form, my secondary school education will end in 2018 if I stay on for both years of sixth form.

Sep 20042010

Primary school education

Park lane primary school

I had a primary school education at Park Lane Primary school between the years of 2004 and 2010, in which I passed the upper and lower sections, with high grades.



I am always on time, I can count on one hand how many times I have been off school, this is throughout my whole secondary school education. I have also only been late to one lesson which was my first day of year 7 and I have not been late since then.


I can fulfil simple building tasks, these being bricklaying, block paving and plaster boarding. I can do most task if I have been shown how to do it. I can do some inside jobs like cladding and putting up tiles.

Computer Technician

I can make sure that a computer works, this entails maintenance of the components. I can also acknowledge programs that might seem harmful or might be seen as reliable, this means that I can install programs without breaking the system or infecting it with a virus.