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Sample Lesson Plans

Courses Taught

Student Teaching

Pre-Calculus (Spring 2012)

Non-Regents level course for 11th and 12th grade students to prepare them for Calculus

Transitional Math (Spring 2012)

Non-Regents level math course for struggling students 

Math 7 (Spring 2012)

Regular 7th grade math 

Educational Philosophy

Philosophy of Teaching

                Teaching mathematics is a truly fulfilling experience. Many students feel that math is too difficult and irrelevant which causes them to give up. It is my job as a mathematics teacher to present math as an interesting and meaningful subject that they can use in their own lives. I want all of my students to believe in their mathematical abilities and realize the significance of math in the real world. I strive to reactivate a curiosity in my students in hopes of developing a willingness to discover everything that math has to offer.

                It is important to develop a community in my classroom in which I work together with my students to understand what helps and what hinders their learning. I believe it is important for my students to have a voice and have control and responsibility over their learning. Seeing my students as individuals is crucial to their learning.

                I believe that students learn best by doing rather than seeing, especially in mathematics. I incorporate hands-on activities, group work, and technology into my lessons in order to keep students focused and engaged. Technology is extremely beneficial in making mathematical content relevant and preparing students to continue to learn outside the classroom in the digital world that they are living in. When incorporating technology, it is crucial that I act as the facilitator of learning. Providing students with real-world examples helps them make sense of the content and makes their learning worthwhile.

                It is my mission to inspire all of my students to learn math and reach their fullest potential. I believe in the importance of math and want to create valuable learning experiences for my students. I aim to show my students how math can be used in all aspects of their lives. Math improves problem solving and critical thinking skills which help students to become life-long learners. It is my goal to work together with my students in motivating them to believe in their own ability to learn math.


Susan Whalen

Susan Whalen was my cooperating teacher for my middle school placement for student teaching.

Raymond Siegrist

Dr. Siegrist was my Methods professor at SUNY Oneonta.

Richard Talbot

Richard Talbot was my cooperating teacher for my high school placement for student teaching. 

Work experience

May 2012Present

Substitute Teacher


Currently gaining teaching experience by substitute teaching in several different school districts in the Saratoga and Washington Counties. 


Tutored college level students in several different courses, including Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Recently began tutoring students at the middle and high school level in mathematics. 

Curriculum Vitae


Jan 2013Present


University at Albany
Aug 2008May 2012


SUNY Oneonta



New York State Teaching Certificate (Initial)