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Work experience

Oct 2014Nov 2014

Crew Member



For this job I mostly worked on the fry station this job included cooking fries , maintaining  hygiene , oil refilling of the vat , maintaining  stock of the fries And boxes that are used to serve the fries in . When working the breakfast shift I worked mostly on cooking the sausage burgers it was my duty to ensure that the stock of frozen burgers ready  to cook was maintained ,cook the burgers and maintain hygiene .


I believe in my short time at McDonald's that I made a big and impressive impact . I like to give friends , family , the lectures in college and employers 100% so I did everything I could to ensure this in my job . I worked extra hours when asked and worked under pressure on my own despite only being new to the job . I'm willing to give anything a go and learn to new things and this was greatly appreciated at McDonald's 

Jul 2013Aug 2013

Course participant 

Wrexham ITEC Engament course

After a gap year helping my father I decided to attend the six weeks engagement course which was based at Deeside college. This was a voluntary course which I decided to enrol on to help me gain more skills for the workplace. Also as part of the course I took part in the project" Giant Headquarters" in Chester which is a lottery funding scheme. The aim was to use waste material to create props for the giants used in festivals and carnivals.

Oct 2011Oct 2011

Work Experiences 

British Army 

Kinmel training Camp- For work experience I went on a weeks residential to the Kinmel Training camp. The weeks trip consisted of camping, learning to cook rations on a fire, Army drills for combat, night excursions and learning to work as part of a team. At the end of the week I achieved the best female student award.


Sep 2013Jun 2015

Betec level 3 extended diploma in Music technology 

College llandillo 

I am currently coming to the end of my final year in full time education , for two years i have been studying music technology and during this time i have gained lot of experience and skills . This includes working as a team to organise a charity gig for action for Children  where we had to contact bands , organise a venue and so forth  for the event .   I even composed a charity single for the advertisement of the gig . It was a very successful evening .  I have had the opportunity to work with Logic music software and  create many pieces of music , produce a class CD, advert and music video . 

Apr 2013Jul 2013

CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor  


During my gap year I had taken up Fitness classes and started to gain an interest in becoming a Fitness instructor . The course I enrolled on Gave me the opportunity to learn different body weight and weight exercise techniques and how to teach them correctly  . I also learnt how to correctly use all the gym equipment and was shown how to teach others . At the end of the three day crash course I had to do a small assessment in the form of a gym induction , i had to include a warm up , stretches ,  a weight machine and a body weight exercise . Once I had passed this i then had to wait a few months before i had my main assessment which again took the form of a gym induction ,i had to introduce my client to a exercise regime that i ahd picked for their specific goal which was to lose weight . again this included a cardio warm up ,  weight machine exercises , body weight exercises a cool down and cool down stretches . After this i had to complete two multiple-choice papers on fitness principal and the human body  

Jun 2011Jul 2012


Delyn center 

GCSE English language                                       C

GCSE English Lit                                                   C

GCS E Mathematics higher                                 C 

GCSE Mathematics Foundation                          C

GCSE Science                                                            C

GCSE Geography                                                      C

Jun 2011Jul 2012


Learning center

Gcse Music                                                             A

GCSE History                                                         B



During my qualification in Gym fitness i had to lead clients thorough a gym induction . I n college i have had to lead in some group assignments  making decisions to get the work done in a professional but quick manner . 

Buliding Specific

I have gained some building skills in the last 3 years as i have been assisting my mother and father in renovating a grade 2 listed farm house in Cilcain . I have learnt to plaster using traditional lime plaster , Dry stone walling , pointing up walls and fire places and painting and decorating . I have learnt many building terms and regulations during the process and have become interested in this line of work . 

Music specific 

Possibly one of my strongest points I have gained many music specific skills for the past 10 years . Since the age of eleven I have been a Keen drummer and been part of many bands in North wales . I'm currently having tuition to  advance my drumming to a professional level . In College i have learnt to use a mixing desk , basic recording techniques and how a record session works . I have also learnt to compose, record sounds using Foley Techniques , Film and edit adverts and music videos and mix music using Logic software . 

Team work 

During my time at college and McDonald's I have had the experience of working in a team with people from all backgrounds . 


At college and McDonald's communication has been crucial . In college we have had to communicate to make projects successful such as a charity gig .