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In 2008, educator Laurel Panser traveled as a Fulbright–Hays Fellowship recipient to Morocco to study in the Seminars Abroad program called Morocco: The Delicate Balance between Traditional Identity and Modernity. Joining other scholars, she recorded experiences and observations in a group journal and shared her insights on Moroccan medinas, which are historic city sections, typically walled, with narrow, mazelike streets. To learn more about the unique Seminars Abroad program Laurel Panser and her colleagues experienced, visit Holding Master of Arts degrees in Geography and Epidemiology and certification as an online instructor, Laurel Panser’s range of college courses taught includes geography, philosophy, writing, epidemiology, and psychology. Asked anonymously if they would take another course from her, students of Laurel Panser at Rochester Community and Technical College provided overwhelmingly positive responses. Students of her Ethics and Its Application in Healthcare class gave her a 100 percent endorsement, and 76 percent of those taking Positive Life Skills Psychology and 75 percent of Human Geography students responded favorably. Credentialed to teach in the fields of geography, health, and psychology, Laurel Panser’s teaching experience includes part-time or full-time positions as an Adjunct Instructor at a number of institutions in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Ms. Panser also served as an Instructor in Epidemiology at Mayo Medical School and worked as an Epidemiologist and Clinical Epidemiologist in the Department of Health Sciences Research at the Mayo Clinic. For a number of years, she worked independently as a consulting epidemiologist and ethics coach in Rochester, Minnesota. Currently, Laurel Panser teaches part time as an Adjunct Instructor at Riverland Community College in Austin, Minnesota. Laurel Panser possesses skills in designing sampling methodology and databases, conducting database analysis, developing instruments, and writing reports, presentations, and survey studies, among other areas. Her research grant awards range from $3,000 to $35,000, and she collaborated on numerous peer-reviewed articles published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Medical Hypotheses, and other professional publications. Other writing accomplishments include contributions to numerous letters, abstracts, and editorials. In addition, Laurel Panser cowrote a chapter in the book Client/Server Computing with the SAS System: Tips & Techniques. 

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