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Through her work with the Phoenix Police Department police officer, Lieutenant Laurel Burgett has sought over the past 24 years to keep the city of Phoenix, Arizona, safe. Starting out as a Patrol Officer in 1987, Lieutenant Burgett ascended through the ranks thanks to hard work and wide-ranging expertise. Six years after joining the force, Laurel Burgett transferred to the Training Bureau to become a Recruit Training Officer. One year later, Lieutenant Burgett took a position as a Detective with the Drug Enforcement Bureau, conducting undercover narcotics investigations and supplying expert testimony. She then became a Sergeant, and was placed at the head of a patrol squad at the Squaw Peak Precinct. Laurel Burgett later returned to the Training Bureau, this time as a Basic Training Sergeant. The following year, she accepted a promotion to Proficiency Skills Supervisor.Lieutenant Burgett subsequently moved to the Public Affairs Bureau to become a Public Information Officer. Her primary duties involved handling communications with regional, national, and international media sources. Five years later, Laurel Burgett transferred to the Violent Crimes Bureau, where she spent a year before being promoted to Lieutenant and put at the head of 7 duty squads of 60 officers per shift, operating out of the Central City and Desert Horizon Precincts. In 2007, Lieutenant Burgett rejoined the Violent Crimes Bureau, dealing with a wide range of crimes such as aggravated assault, police shooting, stalking, attempted homicide, and home invasions. Laurel Burgett currently serves with the Drug Enforcement Bureau, as well as the Home Invasions and Kidnapping Enforcement unit. Her primary duties involve the investigation of human and drug trafficking crimes. Laurel Burgett is a certified expert on numerous subjects of law enforcement. She has contributed extensively to courses in use of force for supervisors, border crimes and spillover violence, and kidnapping and home invasion investigations. She has also worked with educational institutions such as Grand Canyon University, Phoenix College, and Rio Salado College to develop curricula. Lieutenant Burgett has been the recipient of numerous awards from the Phoenix Police Department and the Mayor of the City of Phoenix. She graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2002, earning her Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration.

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