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In my free time I like to go out with my friends and go shopping.  I like spending time with my family and listening to music. Even though I like to spend time with my family and friends, I also know that you should also take time and spend time on work.  I enjoy meeting new people and forming new relationships. I like to learn new things and try different  things. In my junior years I attended  Rainbows, Brownies and Girls Brigade.

In December 2013, at Standley & Co Solicitors I helped out with a charity event for  Cancer. It was a Macmillan Coffee morning.


To work with successful, talented people who can help me further my knowledge in the Media industry. 

devoted to my work and to my my passion my profession. To take any opportunity that comes my way. To learn as much as I can in the different area of Media. 


Sep 2013Present

Solihull College

I am currently a student at Solihull College and  I am studying Media. This course will help further my knowledge in the Media industry. This course will give me an understanding of how to work in the Media industry. I may not want to work in the media industry when I finish college but i will have an understanding of what its like. 

After college I plan to go to University. I don't know what I want to study yet but I have plenty of time to figure that out and choose what I want to do after University. 

Sep 2008Jun 2013

Light Hall School

Subject            Grade

Maths                   C              

English                B          

Science                C          

RE                         C                  

Child Care           C      

Media                    B            

Geography           C      

Design Work


Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Office Junior

Standley & Co Solicitors

An Office Junior is someone who is there to help anyone with anything they need. I only work on Fridays because I have college Monday to Thursday. This experience will help me in any future jobs that i have.This job will help me to know how to act in a workplace. 

Feb 2014Present

I am currently working for the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. I am a hair and make-up stylist. I am help them what to wear when they are on tour.   I go on tour with them,  I help pick out which clothes to wear when they are performing. I have only just started working for them. I started in February and hopefully i will be working with them for a long period of time. This job will help me further my knowledge in the media industry and will help me understand how to act in the work industry. 

Sep 2012Jan 2014


Before I worked at Standley & Co Solicitors and before I worked for 5 Seconds Of Summer, I worked in a supermarket, Morrison's. I worked there because I needed the money and because I wanted to experience what It's like to be in a working environment. Morrison's was my first ever job. After 2 years, I decided that I needed to experience more.  I got myself a job at Standley & Co Solicitors because I wanted to experience a different job.