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I´m a student of BA Film (Previously Film and Television Production) at Westminster Film School, University of Westminster in London. It means the world to me the opportunity to get in touch with new projects and professional opportunities inside the creative industries with the purpose of enhancing my knowledge and creative skills and acquire as much work experience as possible allied with my coursework foundations.




B.A Film (Previously known as Film and Television Production)

University of Westminster Faculty of Media, Arts and Design


A levels on Maths, Geometry, Media, Design and History of Art

Poet Antonio Aleixo High School, Portimão


Professional Skills


Impacable proficient skills of both spoken and written of Portuguese as a first language


Excellent spoken communication skills, writing, listening and interpersonal in English language, with official certificate IELTS 7.5 (1-9)

Camera Operator (Broadcast Quality Camera)

During my first year I have directed a live broadcast debate on Women Equalities in wages between MP Kate Green and the líder of the opposition, Mike Buchanan. On the same day, we successfully made an broadcast from the University studios of a music video by the band ASK where I was responsible for the main studio camera.

Media Production

First year completed in Film Production and Television Degree; specialized professional portfolio in short films and small storytelling projects and image


Specialization within the course in the extension in creative and script writing study for short and feature films, with special interest on the foundations laid by Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino

Graphic and Communication Design

Intensive study over three years with strong foundations in the principles of design at a graphic level in a communicative and digital space. Special interest in communication design, in which one of my hobbies is to develop posters for events and short films (for more information see my online portfolio)

Work Experiences

Volunteer for the LSFF 2016

London Short Film Festival 2016

Had the pleasure of serving as a volunteer by the 1st time at the London Short Film Festival 2016, where I helped managing the reception and introduction to sessions.


Retail Custumer Assistant

Dom João II Pestana Hotel and

Retail Custumer Assistant- Alvor, Portugal

Skills acquired:

Smart time management in a pressured environment.

Quick thinking and wit alternative range of solutions and discuss them with the client



Municipal Airfield

Waitress for Portimão Municipal Airfield, Portugal

Skills acquired: Ability to interact and communicate with extreme efficiency to the customer

Understanding of the potential customer needs according to existing situations

Assistance to the Parachuting team at the hangar; 



Restaurant and Pizzeria Municipal Airfield

Waitress- " Hollywood", Praia da Rocha Beach, Portugal

Skills acquired:

Ability to respond promptly to the inherent work tasks

Understanding of the potential customer needs according to existing situations

Personal Interests

My parents were very likely, the people that most influenced my personality and the person I am today. My
dad introduced me to the first films that grew to be my favorites like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo´s Nest" or
"Lord Of The Rings". As I watched them over and over again, I realized how much being part of this
alternative reality meant to me and it was right about this time that I seriously thought about being a part
of it.

I learned so much during this last year, from film analysis and debating, I gained new perspectives on
how to approach film, both as a viewer and as a filmmaker.

My favorite directors, mostly for their takes of realities are Scorsese, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro. I love their films and they don´t have to be the most critical acclaimed or praised, just by reflecting who I am and who I aspire to be.