Account Executive


Attain, develop & strengthen relationships with clients throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area and northeastern Arizona. Work with all levels of personnel to include upper-level executives, site managers/administrators, architects, general contractors and manufacturer executives. Design solutions to maximize customer resources and budget. Facilitate adoption and implementation of new product.

Career Details

  • Increased annual revenue from $1m to over $6m by growing client base over 300%.  Added new clients and new verticals within existing clients - to access more funding sources and sustain sales pipeline.
  • Own over 85% of market share in fixed market-garnering 10x revenue of closest competitor.  High level of recurring revenue & referrals.
  • Consistently meet sales goals, averaging over $6M in annual revenue and a minimum of 120% quota attainment.
  • Research market trends to determine best product solutions and prepare clients for emerging trends. Successfully weathered three major industry shifts-maximizing revenue as clients transition from one technology to the next. 
  • Foster strong relationships across multiple departments within an organization to facilitate the decision-making and procurement process-lessening potential road blocks and delays. 
  • Coordinate $1m+ roll-outs of product, ensuring seamless integration of product and delivery of effective professional development.  Consult on initial design and specifications to allow for low competitive threat.
  • Build strong manufacturer partnerships to secure preferred pricing and end user support-giving me a sharp competitive edge.  Average cost savings of 5-10%.
  • Write and produce official bid documents to include product specifications, scopes of work, and timeline structure. Work with designers, administrators, users, and support teams to provide my best and final offer from the onset-reducing sales cycle by an estimated 30%.
  • Build & deliver or present product demonstrations, budget analyses, territory plans, industry research, and professional development trainings.