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I am a freelance journalist working for independent Romanian media and foreign TV stations.

I mostly tackle issues of vulnerable groups and contribute to the development of alternative media in Romania.

Work experience


Freelance Journalist


* Member of Think Outside the Box and Casa Jurnalistului, independent journalistic projects:

I work as a writer, editor and manager;

* Collaborator of ARD Studio Sudosteuropa Wien (TV) & ARD Horfunk Studio Wien - (Radio):

I work as a reporter in investigative materials and for events (I covered the 2014 elections for ARD TV);

* Collaborator of Decât o Revistă:

I write stories.



Digi24 TV station

I worked as a researcher in the News Department and covered several stories as a Reporter.



România liberă National Newspaper

I worked as a reporter and opinion writer 



University of Bucharest

I was an editor of the Academic Journal of European Studies (online journal)



M.A. (thesis pending)

University of Bucharest

Master's program in in Culture and Politics at European and International Level 



University of Bucharest

Licensed in International Relations and European Studies


20 1 5 :

- Winner of the 2015 Balkan Fellowship for Excellence in Journalism, supported by Erste Stiftung, in

collaboration with Open Society Foundation and Balkan Investigative Reporters Network.

- Published an essay on Romanian alternative/independent media in the book "The Romanian new wave"

20 1 4 :

- I have been nominated among the 100 Romanians who help better shaping the country, by the magazine

Foreign Policy (Romanian edition)

20 1 3 :

- I received an US Department of State grant for documenting domestic workers and other vulnerable groups,

as well as ways of empowerment, in the United States (Chicago) – based on my work in Romania on the topic of

Filipino domestic workers

- I received a grant from the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism for documenting a material on the

corruption related to the illegal demolition of dozen of sport facilities built in Bucharest, during the communist


- I was a co-author of the F re e Ex Re po rt , under Active Watch, in collaboration with Reporters Without Borders.

It is an annual report dedicated to press freedom in Romania.

20 1 2:

- I won a grant from the Romanian Journal of Nonfiction, Decât o Revistă , for documenting a feature on

agricultural associations in Romania (with a focus on cooperatives).

20 1 1 :

- I was admitted in the program Supporting Investigative Journalism, by Freedom House Romania.

- I won an Investigative Journalism grant from Freedom House Romania, that helped me document an article on

Filipino house workers in Romania

- I have been a Romania liberă  correspondent at the European Parliament, Strasbourg


*2014 -2015

Contributing to the development of Investigative Theatre  in Romania:

2014 : launch of the Domestic Products  performance - a story about the Filipino domestic workers. See more at: page_id=2

2015: launch of the Enemy of the People  performance - a story about pollution and communities fighting for their


My role is to generate the investigations which are integrated in the theatre performances, as well as be a part

of the creation process and distribution.


Developing a business model for the online journalism platform Think Outside The Box .

In 2015 I have introduced public donations on the website, generated crowdfunding events, established

partnerships and contributed to applications for financing. See more at:


Developing a website on the topic of migration in Romania, in a global context, as there is an increasing for

information and action. I have accepted to create and manage an online platform focused on migration, funded

by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR). See more at: