I am a freelance journalist working for independent Romanian media and foreign TV stations.

I mostly tackle issues of vulnerable groups and contribute to the development of alternative media in Romania.

Work experience

Work experience
2014 - Present

Freelance Journalist


* Member of Think Outside the Box and Casa Jurnalistului, independent journalistic projects:

I work as a writer, editor and manager;

* Collaborator of ARD Studio Sudosteuropa Wien (TV) & ARD Horfunk Studio Wien - (Radio):

I work as a reporter in investigative materials and for events (I covered the 2014 elections for ARD TV);

* Collaborator of Decât o Revistă:

I write stories.

2012 - 2014


Digi24 TV station

I worked as a researcher in the News Department and covered several stories as a Reporter.

2008 - 2011


România liberă National Newspaper

I worked as a reporter and opinion writer 

2010 - 2010


University of Bucharest

I was an editor of the Academic Journal of European Studies (online journal)


2010 - 2012

M.A. (thesis pending)

University of Bucharest

Master's program in in Culture and Politics at European and International Level 

2007 - 2010


University of Bucharest

Licensed in International Relations and European Studies


20 1 5 :

- Winner of the 2015 Balkan Fellowship for Excellence in Journalism, supported by Erste Stiftung, in

collaboration with Open Society Foundation and Balkan Investigative Reporters Network.

- Published an essay on Romanian alternative/independent media in the book "The Romanian new wave"

20 1 4 :

- I have been nominated among the 100 Romanians who help better shaping the country, by the magazine

Foreign Policy (Romanian edition)

20 1 3 :

- I received an US Department of State grant for documenting domestic workers and other vulnerable groups,

as well as ways of empowerment, in the United States (Chicago) – based on my work in Romania on the topic of

Filipino domestic workers

- I received a grant from the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism for documenting a material on the

corruption related to the illegal demolition of dozen of sport facilities built in Bucharest, during the communist


- I was a co-author of the F re e Ex Re po rt , under Active Watch, in collaboration with Reporters Without Borders.

It is an annual report dedicated to press freedom in Romania.

20 1 2:

- I won a grant from the Romanian Journal of Nonfiction, Decât o Revistă , for documenting a feature on

agricultural associations in Romania (with a focus on cooperatives).

20 1 1 :

- I was admitted in the program Supporting Investigative Journalism, by Freedom House Romania.

- I won an Investigative Journalism grant from Freedom House Romania, that helped me document an article on

Filipino house workers in Romania

- I have been a Romania liberă  correspondent at the European Parliament, Strasbourg


*2014 -2015

Contributing to the development of Investigative Theatre  in Romania:

2014 : launch of the Domestic Products  performance - a story about the Filipino domestic workers. See more at: page_id=2

2015: launch of the Enemy of the People  performance - a story about pollution and communities fighting for their


My role is to generate the investigations which are integrated in the theatre performances, as well as be a part

of the creation process and distribution.


Developing a business model for the online journalism platform Think Outside The Box .

In 2015 I have introduced public donations on the website, generated crowdfunding events, established

partnerships and contributed to applications for financing. See more at:


Developing a website on the topic of migration in Romania, in a global context, as there is an increasing for

information and action. I have accepted to create and manage an online platform focused on migration, funded

by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR). See more at: